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  • New Pre Owned Boat Inventory

    More specifications, pictures and videos are available at

    2011 Malibu VLX Wakesetter
    Name:  6b38e6a68f5f06cfcadcefb634b1dba2.jpg
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    2011 Nautique Sport 226
    Name:  3a4cc053a24c38fb271fa732a4fa948f.jpg
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    2009 MasterCraft X-Star MCX w/only 200hrs

    2008 MasterCraft 40th Anniversary X-Star w/ly6 and pro tour ballast
    Name:  d98e8ec64e954c9e626f69e94c1a5917.jpg
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    2007 Larson 180 SEI Sport
    Name:  96c1461516a7f49158908eea86cd205f.jpg
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    2007 Tahoe Q7i SF
    Name:  0c7658ec44f07db7f00ed291be7df55e.jpg
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    2005 Weers Sundeck 240 w/125hp Mercury
    Name:  05d17fe02623b4e4efa7fac4b1802ced.jpg
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    2003 Silverline
    Name:  41f56decb2a22bb29aee7f8935e07793.jpg
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    1996 Four Winns 258 Vista w/7.4L.
    Name:  b25eaea46ace87e9789c16ce19668b3c.jpg
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    1990 MasterCraft Maristar 210 w/newer interior and tower.
    Name:  e9c1b0d493ece01d47190f920fd970a0.jpg
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    1989 MasterCraft Maristar 240 w/newer big block motor.
    Name:  4e74449f2494562874b2a7abf0804283.jpg
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    Just In...
    2007 Prostar 214
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    Jason can you pm me more info on the anniversary star? Thanks
    1990 prostar 190, 351, powerslot 1.5:1, tinted windows


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      I was scrolling through this list and was slightly annoyed due to it being non-mastercraft in nature (please forgive me) and then I saw the anniversary star. Feel free to post whatever other boats you want.
      That just got you like 50 Get Out of MC Jail Free cards
      2006 MasterCraft XStar
      2006 MasterCraft X1 - For Sale
      2003 Sevylor Caravelle 7' 6"


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        Did Larry's 197 sell? That was a gorgeous boat.
        I spent most of my money on booze, broads and boats. The rest I wasted. - Elmore Leonard


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          Jason, i am also very interested in the anniversary star.


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            The Anniversary Xstar may be the best looking boat MC ever made. I scrolled back up and had the Nautique and the X star on the same screen and it makes the x-star even more beautiful. The boxy look of brand N just doesn't do it for me...
            Current Boat: 2007 Blue and White X2 Switch
            Previous Boat: 2002 White and Yellow 209


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              2008 40th X-Star

              For more information please email at

              One owner boat that was purchased and serviced religiously through us.

              -LY6 w/260hrs
              -4 Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Tower Speakers, 2 with forward facing lights
              -Dealer Installed 3 Vent Heater. Two hot tubes are mounted above the transmission for ease of use and no lost storage. Heater core is also mounted right next to the motor for great heat exchange.
              -VDig with Perfect Pass
              -Tower Mirror Attachment
              -20% Window Tint
              -Transom and Platform 3m protectant
              -Fiberglass Platform
              -40th Anniversary Mooring Cover
              -Custom Mooring Cover
              -Bow Ladder
              -MP3 Jack
              -Fly High Pro Tour Ballast (installed in 2011 and has filled completely for wake boarding once, but uses for surfing. Children are younger and to intimidated by full ballast wakeboard wake.)
              -Custom 40th Flake and gel scheme along with carpet
              -MC Tandem Axle Trailer w/Spare

              Name:  d98e8ec64e954c9e626f69e94c1a5917.jpg
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              Name:  f15333ba23b098c53c21d98974ef5f5b.jpg
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              Name:  2d01103dc0230a0e9eb65cd328b4a9af.jpg
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              Name:  685dd5c88a4b69d8830eacfdfc630a55.jpg
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              Name:  cc6135fb12e8ebd981022929661f0bd8.jpg
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              Name:  b78b201f6af5d3adb1528559d39eb119.jpg
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              Name:  45b2c42738313c5c29f36c8a7717f4dd.jpg
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              Name:  cb066f6f9ba425311580bbfb53576218.jpg
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              Name:  3f90fc7300006357dfa9b90c924393a8.jpg
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                dang, I love those 40th Annv. boats. Beautiful.


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                  And the price of the 40th is.....
                  I was njskier on here.


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                    Fo Free????!!!


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                      Originally posted by willyt View Post
                      Fo Free????!!!
                      you must give your soul to the devil...


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                        Willy - You need to own this boat - lol


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                          Please email at for pricing information. This is an exceptional example of one of the best looking MasterCrafts ever produced.


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                            CLRussell, I sent you a pm. Please let me know if you are looking for any other information.


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                              The Nautique 226 is list for only $64,900. That is over $10,000 less than average retail. That means you are two years ahead of depreciation.