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ski and wakeboard storage in a 197

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  • ski and wakeboard storage in a 197

    curious if it is possible to fit a wakeboard and slalom ski together in the rear storage of a 197? How about under the passenger seat wing? What are you owners able to fit there?


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    I doubt it. I have a Prostar 209 now and I can't fit a wakeboard in the back at all. I keep ropes, handles, gloves, and vests back there, and then the wakeboards either go in a rack on the tower or sit behind the driver's seat.


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      I put a ski and wakeskate in the back, but I don't think bindings on a board will work. Not much room under the passengers either.


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        One thing I think the 190s have over their open-bow brethren is storage space.

        I would seriously buy a 190 today over a 197 because I could USE the bow for storage, as opposed to using the boat.

        Yeah, the 197 could pull more people in comfort if someone is using the pylon, but the wake is allegedly crappier, and the onboard storage is less.

        If you're serious, why is there even a question?

        Not totally on-topic, but kinda...


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          197s have storage in the bow. It's just open to the weather and harder to get to.
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            i can get a couple of trick ski's some ropes and few other bits and peices in the rear locker in my X7. Come to think of it we've had some ski's in there too.

            The problem with the lockers isnt the length its the height that lets it down. The height of your ski or wakeboard boots will determine if it fits or not.