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Surfing suggestions for a PS 205

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  • Surfing suggestions for a PS 205

    I have a 2000 ProStar 205 with a 350lb launch pad in the ski locker and 2 additional 350lb bags and 5-7 people in the boat. Any suggestions on set up for surfing and what set up do other 205 owners use.

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    My set up is here. post #20


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      My recommendation for anyone just starting the process is to load the aft corner surf side and get the boat listing safely. Start with a speed of around 11 kts (GPS calibrated). If you find the wake to be steep yet short pocketed then move some peep ballast to the bow and see what happens. If the pocket is long but wake is puny then more list is needed; ie, more weight surf side. Good luck, and post pics and videos as you progress.


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        Originally posted by gatorguy View Post
        Thanks. Do you have any pics of that lifted rear seat?


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          no, it is like the newer 197's. It slides out of the "seat position, and sets on top of the arm rests to make the "sundeck". It is kind of lame as a sundeck, but that is what they call it.


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            Anyone else surf a 205?


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              Here is the surf wake behind my 2000 Prostar 205. We use 350 in the rear locker and 750 next to the motor box on the side we surf. It is very surfable with 3+ people in the boat with this set up. I would definitely recommend a larger board (5'4 or 5'6). We have tried adding more weight up front but our best results seem to be with the weight concentrated near the back rear corner.
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