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  • PTM mirrors

    Hey all,
    a group buy for the PTM mirrors (MC calls them "Proview") and accessories here;

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    Get in on this, people. I have one of these and it is the best thing going. If you have a CIPA extreme, you can use the mount and save some money.
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      I have one too and they are the very very very best!! So clear, supposedly optical glass mirror if there is such a thing. I can see nearly side to side on my bpat without turning my head as well as all passengers in the back. It has saved me from Rubber Neck Syndrome!!


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        Love mine, wish I woulda ordered the all-aluminum one.


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          I have some in stock

          Sat is the day to buy with your AMEX

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            What's the group buy price? I picked one up from a few months ago. They offered a 10% discount then, so I'm assuming this is cheaper. That mirror is great. Worth every penny.


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              I bought one from Jim at the boat show. The mirror is well worth the money. Also, it provides a way to observe everything inside the boat. Which is nice if you have a few ladies you want to keep an eye on.
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                Eastie, can you PM the guy and find out the price? I don't have a PN account...
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                  Those are sharp! Love the folding part too.

                  Saw a lot of (1 & 2 total post members) also interested. Maybe some MC guys joined?!?
                  - Jeff

                  1994 205, LT1


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                    If they stay over 15 it's 20% off


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                      I'm in


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                        love mine! wish there would have been a group buy when i bought it!
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                          Group buy is on


                          see this link;


                          group buy is activiated for this Saturday the 24th to coincide with AMEX's "Shop Small" promotion.


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                            Is this the same one?

                            Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi


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                              Not the same mirror. That is the CIPA Extreme. The PTM looks like this:

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                              1996 ProStar 190