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190 vs 197?

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  • 190 vs 197?

    I always thought that these two boats were exactly the same, just different top deck. The reason I ask is because I noticed that on the 2013 Approved Tow boats test, MC had both the 190 and 197 tested. Nautique on the other hand only tested the closed bow 200. So I am wondering if the 200/200OB are excatly the same and do not need to test individually, or the 200OB is not approved?

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    My understanding (and I may be wrong) is that every boat needs to be tested and with specific motors and transmissions. The 190 and 197 at the very least differ in weight. Also if a boat is tested one year and there are absolutely zero changes, then it is good for one more year. Again that is only my understanding from memory without searching so I may stand corrected. So if MC has a 190 certified with the MCX in '08, it isn't certified with the RTP.

    It may be that with no changes, the open bow SN carries over. Or I may be way off base....
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