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Pickle Fork Bow vs Conventional

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  • Pickle Fork Bow vs Conventional

    I am sure there has been a thread on this already, but here goes anyhow. Just curious how many of you either like, or dislike the picklefork design. MasterCraft has "revolutionized" the ski/wake boat design vs the traditional V shaped bow, that now seems like every other manufacturer has copied. I am shopping for a new boat, and personally like the pickelfork look, kind of cool. My wife, on the other hand, told me last night, "You better not get a stupid picklefork boat!" Also curious if the p.f. design allows for more room, has any distinct advantages over conventional, or is primarily just aesthetic. Probably gonna have to stick with the 205V/X1/early X2...........or go boating by myself

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    Personally I like the "Pickle Fork" bow vs traditional for the looks and additional space afforded to those that like the bow of the boat to ride around and relax in. My wife likes the extra space to stretch out in. It also allows more people to sit up front comfortably. I think your wife would quickly appreciate the benefits to it. However, you have to be careful and learn to drive it properly so you don't take water over the bow accidentally (no I've never done that, yea right!). That's my 2 cents. I'm sure there are proponents both for and against and it all boils down to personal preference.


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      Pickle Fork

      I like the Pickle Fork due to the extra size in the front of the boat!


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        pickle-fork all the way for me. lots more room up front and no down-side other than taking rollers over the front which we do regularly if we lose focus. i have seen "v" bows take water over the front too though.

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          Not going to have a choice in the next 10 years - all the manufactures have gone to that design. MC is one of the few that are actually still putting out pointy bowed boats (IMO the x10 needed a pickle... Bow is so small in that boat)

          Have a friend take you out on their x2, star or 45 while the bimini is up. Watch her migrate to the bow and enjoy the sun... Problem solved.

          Plus you really can't beat the look of an 03-11 star on the water


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            "Revolutionized" is a nice way of putting it...35 years later:
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              Happy wife=Happy life. Just sayin
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                You are likely to get replies directly along the lines of the boat the person replying owns. They both have there pros and cons.

                The size boat you are looking for and the number of people that mostly go out with you also make a difference as to what works best for you.

                We typically have 6-8 people on the boat. Several of those may be kid (and no doubt there favorite place is the platform). Adults are usually hanging out in the back comfy seats (closer to the cooler I might add). Some people like to sit up front while we are cruising, but most prefer the back for comfort and talking.


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                  russlars - AMEN!!! As soon as the little woman sat up there we started writing the check and the X9 went up for sale... Pickle fork provides loads of extra room compared to traditional bow styling.
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                    Hit send a little quick. 😝😝😝

                    Anyway we have an '08 x30 and can have three people in the front comfortably. We also prefer the look and styling of the traditional bow.

                    Agree with previous comments that the new x10 bow seems small, but it is also 2ft smaller than the x30.

                    Maybe consider # people and size of boat and aesthetic look and you will find a good fit.

                    Short answer is you can't go too wrong either way.


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                      Originally posted by willyt View Post
                      (IMO the x10 needed a pickle... Bow is so small in that boat)
                      That was my feeling when I checked out the X-10 at the show a couple of weeks ago. My wife and daughters love riding up front in the pickle fork-I've never ridden up front, but I have hung out there when the boat was anchored.
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                        Originally posted by kyfooter View Post
                        "Revolutionized" is a nice way of putting it...35 years later:
                        - Peter
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                          any comments on how it effects visibility from the captain's chair? on our 02 x30, it is sometimes hard to see around the folks in the bow, i've thought on many occasions that having the wider pf bow would make it even harder to see when folks are riding in the bow.


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                            If you like to ski, there might be a difference in the two types...advantage p.n.

                            New style...advantage p.f.

                            More bow space when comparing boats of equal lengths...advantage p.f.

                            Wakeboard adv p.f.

                            Surf adv. p.n.

                            I think there is a lot to say about happy wife, happy life.

                            Frankly, if my dealer would have told me that the X35 or X25 p.f.'s were better for skiing and surfing than my X30 - I would have bought a p.f.


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                              The big thing for me was the way the PF bow seats both swing up with the back rest and the bottom cushion on both sides. For gear / board storage, this is key! Also the bow area to board from the dock with a wide spot is nice and the ladies like to use the bow ladder for a "bathroom" dip. Kids also like it for a "launch pad" for swimming around the boat and front to back....