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04 Up Xstar Update Looks Post Um!!

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  • 04 Up Xstar Update Looks Post Um!!

    Looking for insperation for the XStar... the tribal X to me is worn out and shows its age. I was going to just go clean look... with Big "X Star" wording on the side. The wraps are great but I dont care for the Full Wrap anymore... I like the 1/4 wrap at the drivers/passenger seat area that I am seeing wraping on to the windshield.

    Then I saw Rusty M's... new 2013 Star and I like the Mastercraft, and Giant XStar up the side.

    Boat is Black Bottom and Top with Red Metal Flake Middle.

    I like simple..

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    K.. after 113 views.. I must be on my own


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      D throw up a pic. It will give everyone a starting point.

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        Here is what I did this fall because I am kind of at the same point you are and was really debating going a clean look. But all i did was take off the bubble like pieces of the decal that came about 2 foot outside of each side of the top part of the X. It really cleaned it up a lot more than i thought. Unfortunately I only have a picture showing one side and not the entire decal!
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          Look up jrw160's '03 X2 on here. He removed the decals from his and went with 60" black and red MC decals. Looks real nice. There are some pics in this thread:


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            This is what I have done to mine, it is the 06 graffiti graphic font.
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              Heacock... I like that its clean looking.

              I just don't like the oval tribal any longer.