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  • Who's late this season?

    We should have been in the water 3 weeks ago, but I just can't seem to get motivated this spring. Seems a bit colder than normal too, so that doesn't help. Boat is ready, hoping for this saturday but it will only be in the 60's and chance of showers.

    Anyone else late to the party??

    (Don't worry, I'll make up for lost time soon enough!)
    I was njskier on here.

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    I'm ready to scream! Crazy weather, wind, and other crap!
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      TN Weather

      Yes, the weather in TN is horrible too. Rain and cold. Have a long sleeve shirt on today. May 6th normally in shorts and t shirt.


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        5 more months at the earliest for me :banghead:

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          Late in Arkansas... This time last year we had been on the lake for close to a month with water temps in the 70s in April & 80+ in May. This year water temps in the high 50s/low 60s. Not a fan of cold water. It actually snowed in the state last week, which has never happened. Going crazy down south :/


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            We're late, was going this past saturday but life got in the way...

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              Early this year for boat on lift. Usually I dont get it in till mothers or memorial day, have it in a week early due to the warm weekend and me being motivated to ski.


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                Definitely late to the game. First time out was FINALLY tonight!!!

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                  Some lakes by me still have ice on them by me. Hope it comes off soon!


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                    Last week the water temp was still in the 40's. Think I'll wait a bit.


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                      I am in absolute agony water still cold here...I want to be out grippin and rippin...spent saturday on my buddies new party barge fishing...somebody shoot me
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                        Originally posted by ricford View Post
                        Last week the water temp was still in the 40's. Think I'll wait a bit.


                        When you jump into water so cold the thermometer says LLL


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                          2 months behind.

                          St Pats is my traditional date but this year has been BAD!
                          Significantly colder weather with very few breaks and weekends have been down right CRAPPY

                          Cove is usually gearing up but I an a handful is all that have been in yet this year.

                          Mother nature is getting even for last spring. Hope she does not continue this trend, last year's weekends overall were fantastic with very little interruption.
                          Only 3 weekends til Memorial and this weekend is looking poor too on top of it being Mothers Day which is usually a no lake day.
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                            Yes, too late. I bet most of you are going to be glad when the nice weather shows up so the members up north quit complaining on the board.

                            I hope to haul my gear into the lake with my waders on this Friday (last year March). Our lake finally opened up yesterday so it will be chilly but I don't care. I have stared at all my gear on shore and in the garage since mid September 2012!!!!!

                            There is something even more frustrating than being a boater in the midwest and that is being a snowmobiler. And if you are both, like me, then the anxiety never stops. Ha ha


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                              Originally posted by ricford View Post
                              Last week the water temp was still in the 40's. Think I'll wait a bit.
                              you'd be surprised how quickly the lakes warmed up last week, 40's last week of april and in the 60's last weekend.

                              We were the same this season, first week of May.