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New TT member and first time MC Owner

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  • New TT member and first time MC Owner

    Hey gang, wanted to say thanks up front thanks for the great information on this site regarding all the boats. Ton of good info here and certainly helped.

    My new (to me) x45. 2006 8.1L with 63.5 hours. Barely broken in, it looks nearly new. Little polish on the tower and refinish of the teak and she will be 7 going on 2.

    Had the heater and most of the other bells and whistles. Adding a rear deck swim ladder (parents, littles, etc.), rear transom remote and some UW lights off the back you know because the boat wasn't freaking nice enough to start with...

    This boat fit in my budget for my first v-drive and I feel in love with the layout, bow space and seating/storage on this thing (and the nice get up on the 8.1L). Actually tough finding 2008-2009 because production dropped off so much so this boat felt old at first. Looked at an 2008 x35 (overnight drive from Charlotte to Knoxville) and liked that boat too, but this one was too nice to pass up. That flip seat was killer but couldn't see the fridge and loss of storage. The boats felt like they were 2 or 3 feet different in length. I also liked the way the x45 just stuck into the corners while the 35 felt more like a bowrider with the pitch in the turns (nothing wrong with that, but noticeable difference). Coming from a bowrider it was a nice change on the 45.

    Anyways thanks to the gang over at Charlotte Ski Boats too for making the deal and putting up with my BS during that process. Lee and Amanda are great, look forward to having a beer/surf with them if it ever freaking warms up this spring.

    Pick her up in maybe 2 weeks or so. These are CSB pics, I haven't snapped my own.

    Look forward to trolling (kidding) and learning some cool stuff. Already have a few DIY projects planned - we will see, probably just be lazy and enjoy the boat until wintertime...
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    Welcome and Congrats!!!
    If its not a competition ski boat, its always second best.
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      Wow! That is an awesome x45!

      Welcome to team talk!

      1990 prostar 190, 351, powerslot 1.5:1, tinted windows


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        Great looking boat! I think you are gonna really enjoy that....welcome to the you do your diy's, always feel free to ask lots of questions...lots of knowledge and friendly people here. Enjoy!!


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          welcome a saweet ride... your crew is gonna love it...
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            Welcome to the forum. That's one nice boat you got into. Enjoy!


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              Sweet ride man. The X45 is by far one of the best wakes in the MC lineup. Your going to love it


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                You will Love that Engine, Plenty of Power and the Sound of that engine will make your Heart Pound !!
                Mastercraft 06 X-Star 8.1L


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                  Nice boat. Congrats. Is it just me or does that trailer look way to short for that boat. The prop guard isn't going to do much prop guarding that far forward of the prop/rudder.


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                    Nice ride you have now.

                    I wouldn't really polish the tower, it has a coating on it of sorts that should keep it from corroding too much. I would rather use some kind of cleaner. Can you post a photo of what needs cleaning on it? Someone may have some ideas for you.
                    Gone, surfing.


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                      Thanks everyone.

                      Skyskiguy - Yes, that is the dealer trailer, seemed a little short to me as well, but they probably only move these things 1000 times a year so I will leave that part to them.

                      CantRepeat - I said polish but it needs a good cleaning. I think they mentioned Woody's? Can't remember but they said they would have it shining again, just hasn't been really cleaned/scrubbed. It wasn't pitted, just dirty with heavy water spotting and a few unlucky insects.

                      My main DIY projects right now are a Sunbrella (like fabric) swim deck cover, side "curtain" and bow boarding are cover. The spiders and insects are tough around my dock and I am tired of cleaning their crap spots on the bow and swim deck. Plus the Blue Herons on occassion let loose the motherload and somehow they get it under the dock. Like a bombing run full of partially digested fish parts, lovely. The sun runs from noon till dark along one side so the "curtain" will prevent fading in that solid red hopefully. Also going to mount a dual battery charger and 12v air compressor in the boat for the kids monster tubes and such and to save having wires and crap strung all around the boat.


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                        Sweet ride! Welcome to the MC Family!!!


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                          Oh and I have the snap on covers for the bow and cockpit opposed to the long full cover. I actually prefer this but it leaves the bow boarding area uncovered. But the snaps are great to have because you can incorporate your fabric into those snaps without having to rig something fancy.

                          I did it on my last boat with heavy boat canvas, stitched in loop velcro, punched grommets and gluing all the fabric edges. Certainly wasn't boat show ready cover, but to throw on during the week and save 20 minutes of cleaning every time you get on the boat it worked well. There is a DIY swim deck cover that is sweet already here so will use that model for sure, mine might just drape all the way down the transom onto the swim platform as well. Just cover the entire rear of the boat.


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                            Welcome, and congrats. Love the red.

                            Agree'd about the cover. I just put on a snap on cockpit and bow covers on my boat for this season. Probably one of the most realistic upgrades i've done.
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                              thats a 2013 trailer, and definitely not a 45 trailer. Did your price include the trailer?

                              make sure you have them reflash your ECM - as i understand indmar finally got the ECM tune right after 2009 and that solved some of the reliability problems with the big block.