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Traveling with a ski

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  • Traveling with a ski

    Anyone have tips, tricks, and methods for flying with a ski? Specifically Iím thinking ahead to a likely trip later in the season to Japan. Most likely on Delta airlines. How do I pack it up for safe travel? S
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    Start by not using American Airlines. They beat the living poo out of everything I have ever checked with them. I just returned tonight from Belize C.A. and my wife's suitcase had a big tear in it. This was the second time she used the bag and the first time (also w/ American) they burnt it, yes, burnt. Must have been against a tailpipe or something. Rule #1 with airlines if it's important to you do not check it. Period. I would never trust those clowns with my ski if I ever wanted to ski it again. I know guys will say get fin protectors, box it etc., just call ahead and find a decent ski to use when you are there is my best advice. I travel a lot and buy cheap suit cases because Gucci get ripped up just like Walmart. Seriously, I have had to wrap my suitcases in plastic airline bags more than once. If they can rip a zipper right off your bag (not the pull, the WHOLE ZIPPER) just think how that foil will react next time you ride it. Arregato Mr. Rent Ski
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      I would ship the ski to my location. Or I would take it a part. remove bindings and fin. Depending how often you plan to travel you can have a case made for hundreds of dollars. if it's one trip head over to HO or Radar and ask them for a shipping box... or order one of these...
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        Buy an ski bag for a fat ski and wrap your ski in bubble wrap before puting it in the bag. It should be fine. Wrap the fin and bindings twice or more.


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          or you could go the extreme and load it in one of these

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