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    I have an X7 and am having problems getting my wake suitable for surfing. I use a full stock sack in the rear and two full side sacs around the engine cover. We use both the Hyperlite Broadcast and the new 6' Landlock. Kids can surf all day but I am having no luck with adults. Has anyone had success with the X7 and any ballast combos and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    buy an x-star! ...j/k are going to have to weigh that boat down alot since it was designed to have a small wake. try one of those bow sacks along with the other sacks. i know i saw a bow sack either in the overtons or barts catalog and it looked like a 197/x7 in the picture. let me know how it goes if you try this . i want to try wakesurfing this summer when i need a break from the stick. my buddy has an air warrior so i probably be better off on his boat but that wont always be an option.
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      As much weight as you can. A little in the nose helps. PP about 9.8 Never tried behind an X-7, but did it behind my previous 88 PS 190.
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        Maybe putting the X7 in the back of the X-Star would do it?
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          If the stock sack is just the sack under the rear seat, you need more weight in the back. The sack under the seat is not much weight. Also try both side sacks on only one side, the side you are surfing on. Also put all the passengers on the same side.
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            I just bought a hyperlite broadcast. I have a 92' PS190 and we are thinking that its gonna take alot of weight to make this happen. The wake on our boat in almost nonexistant. Anyone else have to deal with this problem? Is it even possible? I'm gonna ride the surf with our without a wake. It looks fun to cruise on even if i dont get a decent wake going.
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              Boat speed is important too. we surf at about 10 mph.
              You need lots of weight in the back, and on one side.
              take the one side sac and put it on the side you are surfing.
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                It's all possible

                Surfed the heck out of my PS197 with a full fat sac in across the rear (750#?) and a side sack (350#?) behind the drivers seat. I ride goofy, and found the wake on the starboard side of the boat builds better anyways. That being said, the wake is only ok. Good for my wife. Nevertheless, I bought an X2 in search for bigger and better.