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  • Soulcraft Surf Boards :)

    6.24.14 My newest board just got here:

    Edit: It seems that a lot of people are looking at the board pics from this thread so I'll add pics of the current two we are using

    Our Boards and if anyone wants a Soulcraft let me know and I'll get you all hooked up!!!

    New Soulcraft Traction. Best traction by far (and we've tried them all):

    I have a few custom Soulcrafts that will be done next week and I'm super stoked to get them. My personal board is a Fang Tail and I have a few Jetty's coming as well. Handcrafted in the USA and Jeff is awesome to work with. I've been on four different ones that the Vilands have and they are awesome boards. Here's a few production pics of my board and a few other pics as well (the last three are not my pics but there's a SC board in them and I'm sure you'll like them) My board will have a pretty sick lay out and the art work on the bottom should be pretty cool. And as usual I can hook people up if anyone wants a custom Soulcraft

    8.12.12: Board arrived today. Couldn't be happier. It's awesome!

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    Glad I stumbled upon this thread before the Mods...

    Right click n save!
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      Me too...Thanks for really thanks.


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        The pics don't show any more than a lot of bikinis so they should be fine. Mods if you don't like the pics instead of closing the thread just let me know and I'll delete the last three links... Carry on folks
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            So glad i opened it too! I don't wakesurf or have much interest in it so I almost skipped it!


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              I had a question about the board but by the time I got to the last picture it completely slipped my mind.


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                What board?


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                  My Fang Tail is ready for the art work on the bottom. It's turning out SICK!

                  Another custom Soulcraft I have coming:

                  And another with art work going on the bottom:

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                    I would love to find a black and orange combo
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                      That color combo would be easy. PM sent
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                        black and Orange combo

                        Originally posted by bjames View Post
                        I would love to find a black and orange combo
                        Here you go and it's in stock and ready to sell.

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                          Black/Green 4'10 Jetty showed up today. Looks awesome:

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                            My new Fangtail! Art work is done. It's getting cleared and finished today and then out to me. I can't wait to get it. My son was born this year and it's the year of the Black Dragon on the Chinese Zodiac. Did a little tribute board for him Original art work by Caroline Young. Done on the board by Chelsi Benger. I think it's one of the coolest surf boards I've ever seen. But I may be biased

                            This art work was designed by my best friend's brother and then done on the board by Chelsi the artist for Soulcraft .

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