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What ski are you going to try this year?

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  • What ski are you going to try this year?

    Thinking of looking at new skis this summer. Leaning toward trying the A3 and D3 Quest.

    What is everyone else going to try?
    Boat - '03 X7 with '10MCX and ZO
    Ski - D3 X7
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    quest is shortlisted, have a nomad still.

    I'd like to ride someone's nano one, and would like to try the new AM ski.


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      Just bought an S2. Very excited to try it.


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        My Ski

        I am going the opposite direction... I want an RTP / Freeride to fill out the quiver!


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          HO phantom, my first "real" ski I have no idea if I'll even be able to get up or ride it.
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            Going to ski my 2012 Strada again this year.


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              My Skies in order, HO CDX-1, HO Phantom, D3 Nomad, D3 X7.

              I seem to switch every 2 to 3 years
              Boat - '03 X7 with '10MCX and ZO
              Ski - D3 X7
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                sticking with my HO Monza.
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                  Originally posted by Eljaybee View Post
                  Just bought an S2. Very excited to try it.
                  I demo'd the S2 last summer and liked it! I felt just a little more comfortable on it compared to my Goode 9700.
                  - Jeff

                  1994 205, LT1


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                    Sticking with the Radar Senate. Working on the operator, not the equipment.


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                      Sold my MPD last year and got a 2012 Radar Vice. I'm really enjoying it so far.
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                        Purchased a Senate C this year and still haven't gotten to try it out yet, killing me...


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                          Riding an Obrien Sixam this year. Big upgrade fron my circa 1990 Obrien Synergy. Wow what a change. Have run a dozen passes now and back to running 15 off 34mph. Gonna have at again tonight.

                          You look like I need a beer!

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                            I have an HO Burner, which is the first "good" ski I've ever had. Prior to that, I simply used our low-budget Obrien ski. The difference between the two is like the difference between a BMW and a Honda Civic.

                            That said, I'm a recreational skier - - - I'm not sure I could appreciate the difference between the HO Burner and other good options.
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                              Going to try an A3. Also, getting HO EXO's to put on my D3 to avoid breaking my ankle again (Approaches)