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  • MC w/o decals?

    What do you think of a 2001 PS190 clean sided?Name:  c9da7aa48cb180ad36a30ae555fac7a8.jpg
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    Very sharp.


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      clean - rocket like...
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        I like it but I don't.

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          i dig it!
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            I usually love the simple clean look. It is sharp but on the same hand I feel it has earned the right to have an MC logo somewhere so when people see that sharp sexy boat they know. No matter how small and subtile. Maybe 1.5"-2" lettering at the stern. Still sexy debaged.

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              Love it. My last 2 "astercrafts" appreciate it as wll. Along with my 2005 197 "Maste craft"
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                Not for me.
                Not even close...Sorry.

                Better then Master raft .
                Keep skiing!!!


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                  ehh i like the stickers but it does look stealthy ... i have some drip molded ones for 2001-2006 pro star 190 im selling if you need a set.


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                    I'm debating the same thing just ha the gel coat done. I'm thinking just the mastercraft badges at the rearName:  e564740e51f89ba1922add1f7f46e64c.jpg
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                    2012 MC X-25


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                      I love it!
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                        Love the clean lines, but I would have to show off my MC pride somehow.

                        I'm thinking one of these on each side at the stern where the Prostar logo used to be:


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                          I think it just depends on the boat. Mine was without decals for a while after I wet sanded, and I wasn't a big fan, but with those lines, I think it looks good. Like someone else managed, maybe some sort of little MC or just a simple transom decal
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                            Looks great, but I do like the drip molded


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                              Man that's a pretty boat! Sometimes less is more.

                              Think about it this way...those of us who know, will know it's an MC with or without decals; those who don't know don't appreciate what they're seeing anyway, even if you have a sticker that tells them.
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