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Will 4 rev 10 fit on stock mounts - 07 X2

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  • Will 4 rev 10 fit on stock mounts - 07 X2

    Looking to see if any one has mounted REV 10's on a 07 X2 tower with the support braces in place. Want to make sure no issue before purchasing. Any feed back would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    I will answer my own question in case any one else is wondering.
    *Same can size as the Pro80's for depth and length. So should not be an issue.
    I will also post a pic once I get them set up later this month.


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      also, please post pics of your rider's faces melting off when the rev's are at full power


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        Volume is a privilege not a right.... just like driving. It’s just nice to know its there encase you need it, like a car with 450hp.


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          Well I am late on this but as u know yes due to pro 80 housing.

          Willy, that was classic. I have passed a boat with 6 Rev 10 up there. ***. I mean seriously. 2 8's are plenty for me
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            Posting some iPhone pics if any one whats to see how the revs fit Name:  ed821d8b0d188600a85c49a956186e86.jpg
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            Thanks to Dave at earmark for answering all my questions and setting me up with good products. I recommend giving him a shout if you are in the market to up grade your stereo. He is a good resource to this forum.