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2nd Battery keeps dying on me

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  • 2nd Battery keeps dying on me

    Hey Im new here and so I'd like to do two things. First I'd like to apologize for any thread digs that may occur in the next couple of weeks on my part. I'm trying to get answers to all my questions. Second I'd like to ask if anyone is having similar problems to me. I bought my boat used and replaced a lot of the audio when I did. I bought 2 new JL amps and I but wetsounds on the tower. I had a local audio shop do all of the work and couldn't be happier with it. When I got the audio stuff I got a second battery as well as a perko installed on my boat. I ran into a lot of mechanical trouble with the boat and it didnt get a tremendous amount of use the first two summers I had it. This summer I got to use it alot and noticed that after a couple hours on the water I'd lose the audio from my tower speaks and lose the power to my ballast and a few other things. The most recent problem with the result ended with the system computer being reset and I dont know if that has to do with the new problems. I thought that the second battery was hooked up to the alternator as the first one was but I'm not certain if it never was or if the system reset messed that up. Also my perko doesn't shut off all of my power supply, so essentially its useless and a lot of times when I'd go to use the boat the speakers and ballast wouldn't work after the boat had just been sitting for a week.

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    one way of testing if you have a "drain" on the battery is to use a test light on the ground connection..... disconnect the ground terminal and "jump" the test light from the battery post to the disconnected terminal.
    If the light lights up, there's a drain somewhere, that has to be tracked down.

    I know it's going to be asked..... but what year and model is the boat in question?

    And Welcome Aboard

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      Sounds to me like the Perko isn't wired correctly. You can print off a schematic off the net from Perko. The basic wiring is easy, but that is where I would start; most cost effective....Also, what type boat do you have (year, model, etc) that helps when looking for insight....Welcome to TT!


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        sorry I thought I had put it in the post but I have an 2007 x2. I'm decent with wiring and all but I know nothing about the computer or perko system. I'm in finals right now but I'll definitely look at what I can do myself next week when I'm off.


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          I would agree with the statement that the battery switch has been wired incorrectly. Also it sounds like all that was done was a battery switch was installed. IMO if you're going to do dual batteries do it right the first time and add an isolator/transfer switch to the installation. They're not that expensive and will help keep your batteries charged and healthy. I outlined the installation of the Blue Seas "add a battery" on my 07 X2 thread I posted here....

          Here's a link to the product.....

          In addition to the switch this system adds an automatic charging relay to supply charge current to the low battery during operation and also isolates the batteries to keep the low battery from draining the charged battery.

          My initial battery set up was modified by a stereo shop and it was hacked together. I took on the dual battery project because of the mess and intermittent power problems I was experiencing. I haven't had a single problem with my electrical system since upgrading and cleaning up the mess they made. Not all stereo shops are equal and most are not experienced with the marine environment. If yours was anything like the one that did my installation be prepared to do a lot of work correcting poorly installed gear.
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            Bturner2 thanks for posting that! I was just thinking about something like this earlier for when I add my 2nd battery this winter.

            To the o.p welcome! And you'll find a ton of answers on here! Don't be afraid to ask questions, this forum has helped me more than I ever thought it would! And thanks for asking this question! It saved me from having to ask it later down the road!

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              I also agree that it sounds like the dual battery switch is not wired correctly. In short, everything except the bilge's B+ needs to connected to the switch's common post. The bilge B+ needs to be connected directly to the main cranking battery.

              In the above configuration, ALL loads will pull off which ever battery you have the switch turned to and the batteries will be isolated from all loads when the switch is off. This allows you to play the system while anchored, and keep one battery isolated from the stereo in reserve.

              So, get the wiring configuration checked and corrected, test the batteries with an inductance tester, make sure they are getting fully recharged after use (dont rely on the alternator to do this after a deep cycle) and I feel you will have you problems solved.