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  • Ignition Terminal Access

    Going to install the dual battery set-up from "the official dual battery thread" and I need to get to the back of the ignition switch to run a wire to the relay. What is the best way to gain access to the ignition terminal on the back of the key on 2001 X-Star? Thanks for the help.

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    On a similar model I removed the dash panel and there it all was right out in the open.

    However, the dash panel connectors were cheap on my boat so getting them back in was a pain and I ended up replacing them with a hardware store item.

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      I just did this on my '07 ProStar 197. I undid the large nut on the dash panel (front) side if the switch, and then pushed the switch into the hole. From there it just flopped down from under the dash into my hand. Could not have been easier.
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