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Ignition Control Module hot

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  • Ignition Control Module hot

    While working on my '03 X2 w/ MCX this weekend, I noticed the Ignition Control Module (IC) mounted in the base of the distributor generates a lot of heat. I've removed and cleaned the module ,and applied some dielectric grease to the heat sink (need to get some actual thermal paste).

    I'm surprised at the amount of heat transferred the "floor" of the distributor where the IC module mounts. It's hot enough after running for a bit to be uncomfortable to the touch.

    Think it might be indicative of a problem, or normal?

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    It is normal for them to get hot. However I would not run your motor with out actual thermal paste for any extended period of time. Dielectric grease will not transfer heat away from the module into the distributor base which acts as a heat sink, and can cause the module to fail prematurely.