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    Does anyone know about the "big Air" towers. I saw them in wakeboard mag and they are selling real cheap! what the deal????

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    the web sight for it is i'm not trying to plug it i just want to know if they are crap or what?


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      They look cool?? I havenít heard anything good or bad about them though..

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        Haven't heard of them before, are they a new company? Feedback is really important and it doesn't seem like they are getting much whether it be positive or negative.

        You get what you pay for....


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          What made me decide against the big-air was the several places they are bolted together rather than welded. This gives it the "universal fit" capabilities....but it sounded to me to be a source for potential rattles. On the other hand the price is right.

          Monster towers seem to have the best feedback in the bargain tower space. I have seen a monster tower in person and they are very well built.


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            Hey Cheech,

            I'm over at fairly often and have read several reviews on towers in general as I'll be purchasing next year. I'm going with LoudLiquid's T-1 for about $1500 complete with racks. I think you'll find Monster and BigAir to be "budget" priced (as well as LL) then pricing jumps considerably...

            I've not ridden behind any so I'm just working from what others have said....I've not heard anything against BigAir in fact, the folks who have them say "right on"....

            If money was not an issue, I'd go with a top of the line ALL welded built-for-my-boat tower (not universal)////

            Went with BigAir - best price/availability

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              I've recently had a monster tower installed for this season and am extremely happy with the results. Had it out on the water this weekend for the first time and everything is perfect. Riding on an 89' tristar 190. Monster tower was the way for me.
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                I just bought and installed a Big Air tower on my 2000 205 VRS and love it. It is absolutely rock solid and dosent make a bit of noise. It was relatively easy to install and is definitely priced right. I paid just under $1000 which included shipping to my door. I did have a few questions during installation and I had to "leave a message" with customer service for someone to call me back. I figured it would be days before I heard from anyone, if even at all. However, my cell phone rang 10 minutes later and I had Rene' from Big Air on the line. This woman knows her stuff and knew the answer to my installation question off the top of her head.
                All in all, I would definitely recommend this tower and company to anyone. They, as well as their product have been top notch from start to finish.


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                  Some crazy pics on the big air site like this one
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                    I just installed the Big Air Wakeboard tower on my club's 2000 Prostar 195. The tower looks great and is rock solid...not a single squeak out of it! We got the black powder coated tower delivered for under $1000. (Purchased it during the winter sale.) I'm very happy with the purchase!

                    Took three people about 8 hours to install. The directions are fair. Drilling the stainless steel does take forever. The drill bits they included were a waste of time. I bought a couple of titanium bits that sped things up quite a bit.

                    One note about the powder coating. They'd applied ours fairly thick, and the top tubes that slide inside one-another didn't easily slide inside one another. We had to strip some of the coating off to get it to work.


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                      Got any pics of the Big Air towers on your MC boats?


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                        there's a big pic of the tower on a 2000 205V at
                        2000 ProStar 205V


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                          nice, is that tower is less than $1,000? It's actually not that bad looking. Much nicer than the Monster tower. I don't like the bimini, but you can always order a nicer looking one.


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                            Big Air Towers

                            I put a big air tower in a 19 foot stingray 2 years ago. They are well made and relativly simple to install but drilling all the wholes is time consuming. It allows for any look you want, you can set the rake any angle you want, which was a real positive thing. I put a XTP tower on my current 91 maristar and it was a little easier than the big air tower but more expensive.... pay your money, make your choice !


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                              Those look descent for a budget priced tower. No offence to anyone but the Monster towers are just ugly.

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