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01 xstar recarpet time suggestions please

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  • 01 xstar recarpet time suggestions please

    Ive got an 01 xstar. I am the original owner! Ive had the boat since college. Yes shes seen plenty of good times. So now my boats almost 13 years old. Its been years since ive been on message boards. What are some suggestions for carpet oz where to buy etc. Any help is appreciated thanks again.

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    Would love to see a timeline on that bad boy since new! would personally go with what drake just did with the deckadence. here is his thread,
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      Thanks for the reply god I wish I had a timeline for it. I bought it when I was like a sophmore in college. It was well rode and beat like some of the girls I used to date. I got outa college bought a house then we used my roommates big body xstar for years. Mines literally had almost everything replaced at this point. Ive had a new motor put in new interior (about 3x) upped alternator nvs tower speakers 3amps two batteries tore out the original ballast system and put in jabsco reversibles. She now rides like a fat girl...nice and heavy but sensitive! It got a stargazer perfect pass and just recently a new depth finder. Its been a project of mine for years to maintain it!


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        Saw ur in dfdub.. I live on Lewisville. Just south of denton if u ever wanta ride this way. After a few years mia from wakeboarding im back riding again and riding better than ever.