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First time winterizing questions

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  • First time winterizing questions

    I am about to winterize for the first time So I have a few questions:

    -Does anyone have a good list/how to guide...I would like to do it myself to get to know the boat a bit better. (I looked around but didn't find a list on the site, probably looked on the wrong places)

    -The guy I bought it from said to just run some enviromentally friendly antifreeze in, any thoughts

    -Any general, etc.

    -When do I need to winterize, it doesn't get down to freezing in Georgia until late November, Dec.

    Thanks fellas
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    Click the FAQ link in my signature. I put together a checklist that's in the FAQ.

    Antifreeze comes down to personal preference in my opinion. If you store indoors in GA, were it my boat, I'd skip it. I don't use antifreeze on my Texas garaged boat.

    Just watch your forecast. Some time before your first hard freeze is preferable. I've waited as late as December or gone ahead with it as early as November.
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      A common question this time of year. There are several good threads going in the Storage/Winterization Forum. Check out the thread called Winterization Woes and the one called See anything missing on my checklist?
      Most of your questions will be addressed in these threads. For the questions not answered, we are here to help.
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