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78-85 trailer fender blue prints for free!!!

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  • 78-85 trailer fender blue prints for free!!!

    I have had several requests for my plans for metal replacement fenders that I made for my 84 MC trailer. I have attached a photo of them and the PDF files. Please note that the ones I made fit my trailer well, but I make no gaurentee that they will fit any other! These CAD files were drawn by me for me and are not profesional grade I changed the fender detail (part that covers the tire) from the original drawings I have attached. I rolled mine instead of doing the angle bends as drawn. The measurements still worked just draw a nice curve from the center point to each side. PLEASE NOTE the fenders do not have an outer lip like the original MC ones. Seems to work fine just a visual thing. I think a lip could be welded on but it was easier to omit. The dotted lines are where the fenders need to be bent (think paper box) There is also a dotted line representing the 4x8 sheet of metal (other sizes are available) I was able to get one fender per sheet with careful layout. the inner fender well is not drawn I simply rolled my fender and then made a cardboard pattern. There are also no holes marked on the drawing for lights or guide poles or monting bolts I would recommend building the fenders and then laying all those out. I will get some numbers put together as far as what it would cost for me to build them and ship. I have the files in .dxf if your local shop was going to cut them out with cnc plasma, laser, etc. just PM me and I can email them to you. My only stipulation is if you build a set you must post a pic to this thread! Feel free to PM me with any questions. Travis
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    Travis is the man for posting these. Obviously, this is a guy who takes his Mastercraft seriously - and cares about a quality outcome. The blueprints are a big help for anyone considering new fenders or repairs on seriously damaged ones.

    I just wanted to give him public thanks for his help with my trailer project and beyond.

    Thanks again.



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      Ditchdoc, Thanks for the blueprints I will print it off and have it burned out on the burn table. Great info thanks for posting this thread.