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Disk brake on trailer sticking

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  • Disk brake on trailer sticking

    One of my disk brakes on VIP trailer for my 1994 190 sticks on and results in smoke pouring out the back as the pad wears off...
    I was able to free it up by moving back and forth, but next time I used it...same problem. mechanic has suggested replacing the caliper, which is a chrysler caliper and seems like limited availability.
    do you agree with the diagnosis and any suggestions where to locate replacement caliper? Tried calling VIP Trailers in Arizona this afternoon, but didn't reach them. I will call them tomorrow but thought I'd post in the meantime in case someone has had similar experience?

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    Caliper Rebuild Kit?

    A caliper rebuild kit is cheaper. I would also clean and flush out the master cylinder as well as the brake lines.
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      Thanks for your thoughts. will look at that option first.


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        Rebuild, or often times you can get away with just cleaning up all the moving parts really well, lube, and put it back together.
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          For $110 per pair (drum brakes) you can buy new galvanized brake assemblies from Champion Trailer. 4 bolts on each side and the brake line feed and your done. Piece of cake, and all parts are galvanized. Not sure how anyone can pass that up.

          May also want to consider replacing your master cylinder in the tongue of the trailer. Once that gets rusted, it just pushes rusty fluid to your wheel cylinders.

          Didn't originally notice you mentioned disc brakes for a 1994. Didn't know they put discs on the trailers that early. My 2003 had issues with the disc caliper not retracting. Was a warranty issue (replaced caliper), but not before it heated up and blew out the oil seal. No issues in the 5 years since I replaced the caliper.
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