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  • 2003 Trailer Brakes

    Looking for help. Last July I purchased my 2003 210VRS on a 03 mastercraft trailer. I pulled it 750 miles home. When I got home I noticed that the oil lever in my oil bath hub was low. (Not dry). I of course was in a huge hurry to get it on the water. I kept the boat in storage on the trailer very close to the lake for the rest of the season only putting it into the water half a dozen times... Well the weather is starting to get warmer here... so I thought I better see about getting it fixed. I thought I would drain the oil and fill with fresh. Before I started I noticed that the wheel is not turning smoothly at all. Pretty much takes two hands to turn tire. Not a brake expert at all. My oil level is still low (not dry) and it appears to be free of water and is not cloudy. Really cant take a pricy mastercraft dealer brake job.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you do a search here about disk brakes you should find some info on calipers locking up.

    Here's a little thread about oil bath repair.

    Oil bath repair.
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      2003 trailers were notorious for having calipers that would seize. The part was built by a company called Reliable...yes, the irony is amazing. You will need to replace the calipers and pads and bleed the brake lines. Probably would be a good idea to clean out the bearings as well. I just finished doing this exact job today on my 2003 trailer.

      Here's my thead:

      Trust me that the cheapest Kodiak 225 calipers anywhere in the country are here:

      Feel free to ask me any specifics, like I said...I just finished doing this job this morning.


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        ^^^ Been there, done that.