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  • Maniac Maniac?

    Hey other Maniac's! Anyone else get something like this?

    -----Original Message-----
    From: paris pak1 []
    Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 5:53 AM
    To: Wignot Leroy
    Subject: plz check it out!

    Respected Sir Leroy S.Wignot!
    I'm very please to read your
    postings at Mastercrafts.When I've seen your profiles,It impress me a
    lot when I read your status Mc Maniac.You know my propose to writing you just because of this word "MANIAC".
    I'm a girl from Pakistan and I did M.Sc Psychology.Clinical psychology
    is my best subject.Soon I would start my further studies.Including all this I'm a business girl too,my business products are falling in sports
    category. If u have any interest plz write me It will be my pleasure to send u my best items.Well I don wana get you bore in my 1st meeting about telling me this n that.Just write me what was the reason why you wrote Maniac at your status? It will be my pleasure that you reply me soon about that.

    When u start skiing????Why its your favourtie????When u went to mid
    occeceans what's ur feelings???? All questions belongs to my subject
    and your interest.Hope u reply me.
    Okay bye take care & Good Bye!!!!!
    From A Maniac TOO !!!!!

    __________________________________________________ _______________
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    You go girl!! Looks like someone’s destiny is for to be with Springer

    The wife calls me abrasive
    The kids call me Daddy Sweetwater
    But the ladies, they just call me El Guapo


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      Glad that I am a newbie !


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        Leroy, I did not get one. What's a guy have to do?
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        To me, this forum is about love of inboard boats. It is about the sharing of information and, on a good day, some humor. It is not about post count, brand of boat, or any other superfluous labels that lend themselves to a false sense of superiority. Please, respect one another, try to pass on accurate information, and keep your eye on the ball.


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          I got one also.... I didn't delete it - yet... something sure smells fishy . makes me re-think putting my email addy in my profile.
          If one day you're asked:
          " How did you spend your time here on Earth?"
          Will you say:
          "I kept a crabgrass free lawn"
          It's time to SKI.


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            Leroy, you stud!


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              I would be aware of some sort of scam.. I belong to a dodge site ( car) that gets alot of these... Ebay has been having real problems with "nigerian" people....


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                She sounds very nice, how about I take everyone's email and I'll reply all to her! JK

                Remember she did it for Maniac! All you Maniac's! She doesn't want a newbie..... If only she know she would be running!


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                  See if she's a floss maniac....ask her to send a picture of herself in her burhka (with a little ankle exposed of course)