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Since it's Friday and the Olympics open officially today

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  • Since it's Friday and the Olympics open officially today

    It's time for some competitive drinking events.


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    Drinking Games

    The Hoosier Hundred - 1 shot of beer a minute for at least 100 consecutive minutes. Last man standing wins.

    Drink up, it's Friday.
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      propped up in a corner = standing?

      judges ruling....


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        Judge's Ruling. Last person not to puke or passout!
        Life Is Good!


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          simple game all you need is a pool table & two cases of beer of choice and some friends start playing and drinking last one playing (not passed out) wins.
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            And for those of you who golf, Tiger missed the cut at Whistling Straits today.

            I'll add this since it doesn't warrant a new post. Tiger made the cut- the local paper(rag) jumped the gun when they showed that he missed it at 5:00.

            I think I'll have a Newcastle.


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              A little Makers Mark.
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                That beer, Leinenkugels was advertised at the Lakeliner Pub by gate F7 in the Minneapolis airport. Always one of my favorite places to grab a brew and sandwich couple times a month.

                In college our favorite game was quarters with all variations (only point with elbow who to drink, had to drop quarter out of your mouth, etc) and then in JR/SR year it was Hi Bob, where watching the Bob Newhart show everytime someone said Hi Bob you had to drink a shot of beer. In the 30 minute show you could easily drink 30 shots.


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                  Originally posted by Smitty
                  Judge's Ruling. Last person not to puke or passout!
                  when we played it (century club we called it, we don't use that H word) puking did not disqualify you, as long as you didn't miss your shot. you could fall behind 1 shot, but had to make it up, you weren't allowed to fall more than 1 shot behind. You were disqaulified if you puked in the same room taht you were playing in (unless in a large trashcan with liner)
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                    Thomas, nice...!

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                      Yeah, we used to call it the Century Club as well, I just have to put an IU spin on the game. We always found that the smallest guy won everytime. We had a football manager that was about 5'6" and weighed 175 lbs. that would kick our a$$ everytime. And he would be drinking against us 300 pounders.
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                        Hi, it's not Friday yet!
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