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Dinged rudder advice please

Hi all

Its spring in New Zealand and time to sort the Stars and Stripes. Last season we hit something - we never saw what. There was prop and rudder damage, but luckily the strut and shaft stayed true. The prop got replaced and the rudder performed ok, but we had a leak.

Im pretty sure the leak was around the box due to the sealant being compromised during the ding. I have pulled the rudder. Pics attached.

The first bit of advice I am looking for is - how can I tell if the shaft and seal are good? I feel the slightest bit of play between the shaft and the box. The box spins smoothly on the whole length of the shaft. The box and rudder are only 5 years or so old (there was a previous more substantial impact).

Should I just reinstall the rudder and be good to go - with a new grease nipple and grease?

Secondly, is the small twist/impact at the bottom of the rudder a big deal? How would I go about fixing it if it needs it - a simple press or do I need heat as well?


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