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98 Mastercraft 205 Redo- Update- Indmar Sea Strainer Pro failure

Hello Team talk folks- Love this forum and read alot although haven't posted much lately. The boat still running strong after numerous tweeks and fine tunings. At last post I had discovered a major block warpage and was going to cut my losses and sell. Well I didn't. Had engine remanufactured and back on the water ( more sunk into it- Haha). Son used boat in Alabama lakes for a summer and all going well. I had shoulder surgery and am now getting back on the water on a ski.
Reason for my post. I was one of the original folks to buy the Indmar Sea Strainer Pro attachment- Dual purpose flush and strainer. Since I operate mostly in a salt water environment I needed a strainer. Product looked great and has functioned well. However, had a funny thing happen. The strainer fitting where hose attaches snapped off at the plastic fitting- while I was checking it at start up as a normal practice. If this failed at speed or at any other place than at the dock during startup. Could have been really bad. I wrote Indmar customer service and received a courteous- "send pictures and we will send it to the engineers. But not able to buy just the housing" So If you have this strainer. Be aware of this issue. I have posted pictures of where it failed. My only recourse apparently is to order a new one.
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