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Originally Posted by Tookeymonster View Post
K40 Electronics! https://k40.com/radar-detectors-laser-jammers/

I haven't used one in a while but I believe the k40 is the only company that will pay your speeding ticket if you get one as long as its not in a school/work zone and no alcohol is involved. They paid for one I got, I had it muted and jamming out to the radio. They have a built in or a portable unit also.
I have a dash unit in my car and a custom in my wifes car. They do not go off unless you are going over a certain speed(that you set). If certain areas always set it off you can set it via gps to auto mute in that area. You can also set it to go off at red light cameras by pushing a mark to alert button.

They work well and the false positives are not nearly as bad as what I have experienced with other companies.
Originally Posted by Hoosier Bob
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Originally Posted by pmkkdx View Post
must be a homer, Valentine 1 and have been very pleased with it's performance other than the false alarms. I actually drive slower with a detector than without, guess it just makes me self conscious of my speed. I had a number of Escort models prior to the V1, even put both side by side on my windshield as a test and the V1 had much farther readings, like 1/2 mile or more on long straight aways. I need to send my V1 in to have it updated to negate all the newer car sensors that frequently set it off. So yeah, that gets annoying.
+1 for V1 here as well, we have one in every vehicle in the family
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