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Old 03-19-2020, 07:34 AM
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I agree with what other have said, esp that there could be bigger issues that just cosmetic.
It is kinda a good thing tho that the seller is not trying to hide anything. If I was going to sell a boat I would clean it up as much as I could so at least you are seeing the way it was left. I would not let it get to that condition but you get what I mean.
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Old 03-19-2020, 04:52 PM
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Thank you everyone for the responses. The owner sent me much better pictures today. I will be adding them to the original post.
Iím from Michigan and the local quotes I've been getting are $4k-5k for complete replacement but they are either booked for the season or months out. I talked to a company in Texas that can make skins any they quoted me about $4k not including shipping Iím assuming. Who sells the factory skins?
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Old 03-19-2020, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by skydyvyr View Post
Youíre new here, so Iíll give you some feedback that will differ from some youíve already received.

To start, I agree that replacing that interior will cost you $10k.

That being said, you need to understand that many on the forum here have severe cases of MasterCraft Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (MCOCD), which means they have extremely low tolerance for the slightest imperfection in their boats. As you read the responses you get from this forum regarding imperfections with a boat, you must carefully consider the perspective from which your advice is coming.

That being said, from the pictures, it appears the vinyl is pretty filthy, far more so than I would be comfortable with. The real question is whether it can be cleaned to your comfort level. If your comfort level requires vinyl that looks new, I donít believe youíll be able to get to Ďnewí from what I can see in the pictures you provided. If the discoloration is a result of mildew in the vinyl, no amount of cleaning will get it back to new.

On the other hand, if the boat has been sitting uncovered in that carport looking area for a while, itís possible that the apparent discoloration in the vinyl is actually a layer of dust and grime that may mostly come off with a good cleaning. The only way to tell would be to attempt to clean an area, for example the captainís chair. If youíre able to clean it to your satisfaction, there arenít any obvious rips, pulled seams or other damage that I noticed from your pictures.

If you had pics of it in the sunshine, the vinyl may not look as bad as it does in the shade (it may look worse too).

With a boat where the vinyl is stained with mildew like this (if this is the case), I would want a full water test, and want to verify that everything on the boat functions as expected. If the vinyl is in poor condition, it suggests the owner didnít care for the boat in general. For example if the boat spent time sitting out in the rain uncovered, or was not properly dried out after the season or between uses if used infrequently, mildew in the vinyl could be the least of your worries here. Corroded electrical cables, for example, can be a real pain to track down.

If, once you purchase your boat, it is going to live in a garage with Mastercraft signs on the walls and a painted or tiled floor, you plan on spending as much time waxing and cleaning it as you do using it, and you plan to sell it in a year or two to get a new one, youíll probably want to replace the vinyl. If on the other hand, you are buying a boat that will get waxed once or maybe twice per every few years, wiped down some of the time it comes out of the water, that will sit outdoors (hopefully covered) when not in use, and that you plan to use the hell out of, a good cleaning might get you want you want. Like me, I suspect you fall somewhere between those two extremes, so ultimately your level of comfort with the vinyl is whatís most important.

Regardless of your comfort level, the only reason to consider a boat with vinyl in this condition would be because you are getting a great deal. If the price is already well below what others are asking for similar year Ď46s, the seller probably wonít cut another $10k off the price to replace the vinyl. AND... if the rest of the boat is in the same apparent condition as the vinyl, putting all new vinyl in it may be like putting lipstick on a pig.

You would be correct to say that I fall between the two extremes. The boat does need some work but I'm not afraid to put in the time to make it nice and maybe make a few bucks when I'm done with it. My current boat (don't tell anyone its a malibu ) I bought filthy and needing some repair. So this is not my first fixer-upper
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Old 03-21-2020, 05:18 PM
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I just posted a new thread with pics and info on my new interior project from last year. I included cost estimates I received and what I finally ended up doing and paying. Hope this is helpful to anyone on the board.

Ditto to what skydyvr posted. I personally want my boat to A) have extremely high run reliability b) reasonably clean c) reasonably attractive and d) best tunes on the water
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