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Old 05-23-2020, 12:20 PM
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About to do a '94 205 steering cable... thanks for any pitfall avoidance experiences

We bought our 205 new and it's been meticulously maintained when we used it. But it wasn't used at all since 2011, just sat in the air conditioned garage. Last year we got it out for a couple of uses, and everything was fine once the LT-1 was brought back to life (THAT's a different story). On our last outing, the steering stiffened up substantially mid voyage. After reading bajillions of threads here about cables, I decided it's cable time, at a minimum. BUT, I have some foundational questions before starting. I believe I have the wherewithall to do it, I wrote propshaft alignment procedures that were popular on the old Use-Net board and even replaced the first LT-1 (supplied by MC on a pallet) myself.


1. With the 205's walkthrough, the cable does some very tricky bends under the dash. It looks like the straight rod at the rudder end wouldn't want to do those gymnastics. As such, I thinking pull the old one from the front of the helm to the back of the boat. Sure, attach a fish rope. Pull the new one from the back to the front, right?

2. I read a thread where someone did a 205, and the only cable available uses the thread-to-snap-in adapter. The poster said that pushed the "rigid" part of the helm closer to the walk through wall, and made for a really tight 90 degree bend. Anyone have any issues with that causing additional friction? If it was a problem, I would just buy a new helm if there is a plug/play tilt unit available(?)

3. I installed a two tube heater under the helm which will surely cause grief routing the cable. I can remove the box, I guess. But I ran the hot water lines though the conduit tube in the hull. Will that cause issues fishing the new one?

Thanks for any help!
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