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Old 12-23-2019, 01:16 PM
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Wire it as 4 ohm by doing a combination of series and parallel.

I've had JL HD amps stacked for a few years without any issues. They get hot when pushed but never overheat unless there's something else wrong, usually low voltage or a bad ground. I currently have a HD1200/1 and HD750/1 stacked and they never overheat. In my X2 I had a pair of HD600/4's stacked and a pair of HD750/1's stacked without any issues.
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There was some discussion a while back about using the newer mhd or hd 750/1 for full range speakers. If you look at the specs on the jl website the frequency range for the 750/1 vs the full range amps is vastly different. The 750 stops at 8kHz whereas the full range 600/4 for example goes to 30kHz. Im not sure how this would affect the music to the actual human ear but I remember it being discussed. If Im spending that kind of money on amps Id stick with something full range for full range speakers. Unless you have an older model because the 750/1 used to be full range. Lots of people used them to power a pair of rev 10s but not so much anymore due to the narrowed frequency range.

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