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Cap, just remember if a Democraps lips are moving, they are lying.

Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
TULSI 2020!
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wow, am I ever late to this thread ... I won't slam anyone moving to my area as long as they don't try to change it to the area they moved from. There is usually a reason people move, just don't bring all that bad here. Austin is a nice area but is very liberal, the surrounding suburbs have been very conservative for decades. With all the influx of people from other areas of the country (and around the world for that matter), Austin proper has become pretty full and un-affordable, therefore people are spilling over into the suburbs and trying to change the more rural and small town feel to a concrete jungle, congested traffic, then complain at what was caused by the mast population explosion. The builders and investors are eating it up cause they are making a killing with the demand being so high.

As a 5th generation Texan, I welcome all as long as you leave our culture alone, we are a proud group of people and have strong beliefs in our way of life and we like it that way.
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