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Old 10-04-2019, 07:54 AM
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Looks great!!!



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Originally Posted by 93Prostar190 View Post
Cruise at 75 ... I as not expecting a towing mileage much higher .... although 2 tanks were around 11-12 while towing .... without trailer we are at 22-24

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That explains some of the difference, we were towing at 60-65 and getting 10-11.
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Old 10-09-2019, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by 93Prostar190 View Post
So I towed our 214 on tandem about 750 miles round trip to TN from Ohio, so some hills along the way. The Ranger did very well, it just the wife and I for a short trip so we were not totally cramming a bunch of weight in the truck or boat.

The 10 speed tranny, awesome. Tow mode awesome, great shifts. Blind spot system taking the trailer in account, awesome.

really like that all black front end, nice!

Originally Posted by Shaun R View Post
For what you are doing I would give the Ranger or one of the Diesel Canyon/Colorado trucks consideration first.
we have a diesel colorado, that happily tows our x9. i believe its rated to something just shy of 8000lb. ive towed a handful of different cars and vw campers on heavy uhaul trailers, and the boat, and it does well. mid teens mpgs with the boat behind, in the hilly pnw. having an exhaust brake helps overcome the smaller size. plus low 30s mpg on the daily highway commute. for a single package in a small truck its pretty tough to beat.

i considered waiting for the ranger before we bought ours, but the lack of diesel option on the ranger was enough of a turn off that we pulled the trigger on the colorado. so far (40k miles) no regrets.

i saw the tow rating for the gladiator also, which would be a fun replacement (a diesel jeep pickup, awesome!) but the high tow rating is only for a specific, and as i recall not that interesting, configuration of the sport trim. meh.
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Old 10-09-2019, 02:48 PM
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The question I ask myself is;

1. Do i need a smaller truck for the purpose of having a truck or do i need a truck that will tow safely to my destination.

Answer a - if i need a smaller truck then a ranger fits for weekend camping and hauling firewood
Answer b - i need a truck to tow and launch my boat, snowmobile trailer, atv's and bassboat.. NOPE not gonna buy a ranger.
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Old 10-10-2019, 07:31 AM
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I ended up in the middle and this thread pushed me over to a Tahoe. While everything stated was positive about the Ranger a test drive convinced me that I would be on the edge with a Ranger even though I would be safely in the tow rating. I felt the same way if not more so after a test drive with a Jeep Gladiator.

While I like both trucks, neither impressed me personally with power. The Jeep uses a car V6 that makes torque way too high in the RPM range to truly be effective towing while the Ranger leaves a lot on the table with the current tune for the Ranger's engine. I did feel that the engine problem could easily be overcome with an aftermarket tune but then I'd be messing with my warranty. Interestingly Ford has a factory tune that preserves the warranty for the same engine in the Mustang that would have made me satisfied in this area but it's currently not available in the Ranger.

One thing I will miss is the bed but here again neither the Ranger with crew cab or the Gladiator have what you would call much of a bed. This isn't a dig on either truck, it's just when you downsize the truck the bed gets smaller as well. Also with the smaller truck you really feel it. The Ranger felt kind of Ford Escape-ish to me. The Gladiator Rubicon I drove definitely felt more truck like but didn't feel like something I'd want to tow a newer X2 with.

Lastly the price point on these two were not cheap either, at least in the trim level I was looking at. The Ranger was going to be $46K and the Jeep was $51K out the door. I figured I was going to end up putting another $1K - $1.5K in options for both (bed liner and tonneau cover) and another $600 for a tune for the Ranger and $500 for a roof insulation package for the Gladiator.
The loaded Tahoe LT with sun roof and LT signature package was $56K.

While I like everything about the smaller Ranger and may buy one in the future, as currently offered I just couldn't get myself to see the value and performance compared to the Tahoe even with the $10K in additional cost. I really liked the Jeep feel of the Gladiator which felt nostalgic to me having owned a CJ5 way back in the day however the engine package IMO is not right for the intended use I was buying this vehicle for and as an added bonus the wife absolutely hated it (BTW she also hated my CJ5 back in the day as well).

So in the end I did manage to get a tow vehicle that would tow my current and possible future project boats and have a tow vehicle that will fit in my garage which was my goal from the beginning. I spent more than I wanted but I feel I have a solid tow vehicle that will perform well, be comfortable for longer trips and has a proven track record. Just wish one of those midsize trucks would have done the trick for me, maybe next time around.
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