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1. Fuel sender: you don't need to run additional wires, but you will need to rewire what is back there. The boat harness will have purple, pink, and black. The sender harness will have red, white, and black. To hook it up to the new 2 wire sender, hook up the pink wire to the to the sending wire (black on WEMA units), and black to the grounding wire (pink on the WEMA units). You can do whatever you want with the purple wire, most likely tape it off. It is an ignition switched 12v source, so you can use it to power something.

2. It depends. Your year might be early enough that you don't need it, as there were several generations of the MMDC with some differences. Easiest way is to check your MMDC harness (the big plug) and see if you have tan, gray, light blue, and pink wires. If you do, you have everything needed to make the Faria gauges work. If not, you will need to do some extra wiring.
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