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Old 11-11-2019, 01:09 PM
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Bringing back a 2002 Maristar 230

Good day,
I have been looking for some time for a nice family-friendly V-drive, and recently ran across one i could not pass up; a 2002 Maristar 230SV with LTR in really rough shape......but it runs. Had been setting for 2-3 years?, and new owner parked it under an oak tree (uncovered) on a dusty road for the 4 weeks he had it while he transferred clean title. Long story.... Anyhow, i picked it up for a fair price after my family gave me the nod. It will be a major winter project, but i love projects.
Here are some details:
1) Super-nice aluminum I-beam tandem trailer, but it is not properly set up. I can do that.
2) Gelcoat is awful, but no major spiderwebs or gouges. I can buy a buffer, and i have seen the tutorial a local expert posted on this site.
3) Interior is largely shot, but all there. No decision yet as to how to approach.
4) Tower with speaks, Perfect Pass, and portable ballast system came with deal.
5) Engine compartment was filthy and rusty. I spent 3 days cleaning and identifying parts here.
6) Gauges do not work...none of them. I am going to break open MDC box, and am working a few tips here. Would like to save, but can go aftermarket too.
7) No idea on hours. Maybe i will get gauges working. PP does not have hour meter.
8) Bilge pump does not work from dash, but does if i go direct. Is there a fuse somewhere?
9) Alternator smoked, so sent out for rebuild. I am hoping that may hold some clues as to why gauges are not working?
10) I ran from hose Saturday and changed oil, plugs, and tranny oil. Made mistake of putting ATF in Hurth, and it clattered as soon as engaged. May change again to 15-40.
11) Fuel tank is full; not sure how old, but i put in more sta-bil. May remove some and add some fresh to dilute.
12) I winterized by emptying block, manifolds, and oil cooler. I also have new Serp belt and thermostat on order to boot. Have new impeller; old still looked good.

Whew, lots of stuff for first post about restoration. Lots of stuff broken. I am so excited. My last MC was a 1983 Stars and Stripes; light cream and dark red metalflake. Most beautiful boat ever, and pristine shape. But, not so good for kids, so gone for many years. I am so happy to be back, and in a V-drive Mastercraft! I just have to get this thing turned around to please my family.
All tips and shared knowledge is much appreciated. I may try to get back together enough to take to the lake over Thanksgiving; weather permitting. Re- winterizing is only a 30 minute job.
Attached is a pic. Please share your thoughts.

Thank you,
David in SC
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Old 11-11-2019, 05:22 PM
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Congrats. I don't have any specific advise, but you seem well prepared. I'd consider draining the fuel tank and filling it up with fresh gas, it can't hurt. (I had problems on an older 190 that I barely used for a few years and had to have the injectors sent out and cleaned.)
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Old 11-11-2019, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Moukie View Post
7) No idea on hours. Maybe i will get gauges working. PP does not have hour meter.

If you are really interested in hours and you can't get the gauges working, $200 for MEFIburn software can connect to your MEFI ECU and tell you how many hours are on it as well as tell you what your sensors are reading, engine codes, etc.

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Old 11-11-2019, 09:33 PM
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MDC- use the troubleshooting guide and make sure things are getting power. I have found that in ours, the pins on the PCB for the plugs had broken loose from the PCB, so it was a simple matter of resoldering the pins. Try having only one gauge plugged in at a time. It should work properly on battery power, minimum of 11 volts.

There should be a circuit breaker panel underneath the dash. They are button circuit breakers- popped out is open, pushed in is closed.
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Old 11-13-2019, 11:59 AM
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Well, i had to move the boat to a storage place, so i am playing with components. I took the cover off the MMDC box last night, and all looked great; no broken solder joints and no visible burns, etc. I did note that my inlet for the paddlewheel is not used. Boat has PerfectPass installed, so am i correct in assuming the paddlewheel cable is now going to the PP module? If yes, i assume that means i will not have a working original speedo?
I will be working intermittently on boat for next 5 days, and will look hard at the 2 fuses (have already checked continuity, but not voltage before and after). If that checks out and i have voltage into MMDC, i will doubl-check grounds and then begin unplugging gauges if i need to. I will also add i have not found the 2 Deutsch plugs i read about in the well. I do have 2 plugs on top of intake; one has 3 fuses, all good, and the other looks to be in great shape.....i think it is a 6-pin connector. Any thoughts on where these Deutsch connectors may be hiding?

Thanks much.
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