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  1. X2 finally
    05-03-2010 08:13 PM
    X2 finally
    Hey.... got your name from sand2snow22! He said you have a X2. I just got one and have a few questions, could you answer a few?

    - bimini top: I'd like it to fold up still attacher to the windshield and lay against the tower for travel. I see photos of other boats like this, but can't figure out how to do it?

    - mirror: I have to remove it every time we put the tower down? Is that correct or is there another position for the mounting bracket that will allow it to stay on?

    - garage clearance: it fits in my house 7' door with about 1" to spare, but our cabin we are 2" too tall and it won't fit! 7' door also? Go figure! I was thinking of getting a drop hitch (already using a 4" drop), they go to about 10". You have any trouble with this?

    - boat buddy: it doesn't seem to snap into the locked position? I don't really know exactly how to work it and there were no instructions since the boat was used (2004 X2). It seemed to work fine when the old owner took us out for the test drive? I slide the lever to the right and twist it into position fine, but then when we load we couldn't get it to lock in. I didn't want to RAM things too hard or are you supposed to? Have you seen an online manual for this anywhere?

    Thanks for any answers, I'm a newbie here and have looked thru many posts and didn't see the answers.

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