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  1. BMcD
    06-16-2016 08:16 PM
    You are welcome, happy to be helpful.

    I have thought about providing shaped blanks, but it becomes fairly costly. With the cost of cutting, shaping, and shipping the "blank", you are probably looking at >$200. Shipping alone is at least $60, the foam is another 50, shaping can range from $50-100, so it becomes somewhat undesirable to most customers.

    We have traction pads that I would be happy to sell to you and others. They would be $75-100 each, but they are made for wakesurf and work really well. You can check out our instagram feed (@day1wake) for lots of pics.

    If you wanted me to shape a blank, provide traction, and send to you, I could. I'm just not sure if the cost would be worth it to you. Would you also want me to cut and set the fin boxes?

    Thanks for the questions, let me know if I can help.
  2. 81SNS
    06-16-2016 03:13 PM
    Thanks for your tips in the DIY board thread, has your company considered offering any shaped boards for the wakesurf DIY guys that would like to glass there own boards? It might not be a large market, but I know when I was looking at trying one all that I could find available were larger ocean wave boards that would have required a lot of modifying to be what you would want, also along the same line I am having trouble finding traction pads like are used on wakesurf boards, you can find them on ebay and such, but they are still geared toward ocean boards, for the DIY guy you have to buy 2 rear pads and try to cut one to look decent for your front pad, do you/would you, sell wakesurf traction pads separately? Again thanks for the insights you have posted on building your own boards, understanding shapes is still my weakness, epoxy work is more the part that I enjoy.

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