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2008 X14, DD, MCX, Mint Condition

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  • 2008 X14, DD, MCX, Mint Condition

    I'm in mourning because I never thought I'd sell this boat. I custom-ordered it new and have cared for it meticulously ever since. All service done at local MasterCraft dealer. The red, white, and blue color scheme is timeless but now, the kids are off to college, and I'm not just using it as much as I'd like. I also own an X46 I'm selling but this one's my favorite. It's the sports car vs. the SUV.

    If you like to ski on tournament-quality wakes, but also want to wakeboard or just cruise around, this is one of the finest all-around boats ever produced by MasterCraft. It's not a surf boat as the freeboard just isn't high enough but the dual-mode hull is designed to produce flat wakes at higher speeds for skiing and fatter, rounded wakes at slower speeds for wakeboarding. In any event, it's irreplaceable as MasterCraft no longer makes anything like this. It's only been used in fresh water, and it's stored indoors whenever not in actual use. The paint still shines like new but it has a couple of small scratches from debris in the water. There are also some scratches on the back transom from bumps when riders are putting on skis and boards. I can send detailed pictures. It's never been beached.

    The X14 is a ProStar 214 with a factory-installed ZeroFlex tower with swivel ski and wakeboard racks and three hard-tank ballast tanks. Its wraparound lounge configuration, swivel driver's seat, and large open bow area offer far more room than typical direct-drive boats. There's also a removable bow filler cushion. The interior is in perfect condition with zero rips or tears. The interior dove and flint-colored vinyl will stay cool in the warmest climates. The 350-hp MCX V8 will pull even the biggest skiers quickly out of the hole. The MCX offers 40 horsepower more than the standard engine and the inclusion of catalysts allows everyone to breathe easier. The large bimini top provides plenty of shade and a large fiberglass swim platform allows easy entry and exit from the water. There are stereo controls at the driver's seat and the rear transom as well as at the head unit by the observer.

    I'm confident someone is going to get as much pleasure from the boat as I have and that this boat is one of the finest you'll find. There are many pictures of my boat in the album part of my profile. Here's the link to my ad on It's priced at $42,500.

    Search for Mastercraft X14 for sale. We have the largest selection of wakeboard boats and ski boats for sale on the net |

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    GLWS. That is a very nice ride and somebody is going to get a sweet new toy.
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      Nice looking boat, GLWS.


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        GLWS. Sweet boat . The whole family loves our X14.
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          Nice will sell quick! GLWS ..

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            Beautiful! GLWS!


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              that is an awesome boat ... GLWS