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WTB: looking for something w/ gen 2

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  • WTB: looking for something w/ gen 2


    I’m in the used market for something around 22ft with the gen2 system. Initially was looking at a new nxt22’s with their spring sale and last year discounts. But now I’ve turned to the used market for something a few years old in the X or XT series.

    I’m in the Midwest but I have no problem buy anywhere for the right deal.

    Let me know what you guys have or have seen. Post here or PM me...

    Thank you

    - steve

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    Budget? How old will you go? All good info to help prospective seller
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      You’ll need a 2013 or newer for Gen 2.
      What do ya wanna do with your boat?? Surf or wakeboard or ski or tube or cruise?


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        Exactly... 2013 or newer(still under warranty would be nice)

        Wakeboard, surf, cruise..... pretty much everything but ski

        Originally the idea was NXT22 in the 69-75k range. I’d like to keep it around there but open to higher for the right boat.

        Figured it’s worth a shot if maybe I missed some old listings, etc

        Thanks guys!!!


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          Pm sent


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            Pm semt

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              Hi guys,

              Thank you for the previous offers!

              Still in the market(seller just backed out of the one we were buying). Were mainly looking for an NXT22. We would like to find an 18’ with the new tower but are willing to look at earlier years for the right deal.

              If anybody is looking to sell, upgrade, see’s a good deal, etc please let me know.

              Thank you - Steve


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                Curious if you had any luck finding anything. I would think you would easily find 18 nxt22 for 75k. At least before taxes and stuff. Or is the market too hot right now?


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                  No luck yet!

                  Nothing at that price yet.... one that’s at my dealer for a bit higher but I just can’t get over the color. I’m open to any color but it’s black and white and I think it ruins the lines and look of the boat.

                  Hopefully something pops up. 2018 would be ideal with the new tower.

                  Maybe as 2019’s show up prices dip.


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                    No affiliation

                    I sold a 2016 X10 and it’s a very versatile boat

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