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  • Thoughts on ‘12 x2

    What do u guys think about this boat? I just sold an 01 x star because we mainly surf now so we’re looking to upgrade this one has been listed for a couple weeks but I kinda think it’s over priced. Also I don’t know anything about the electronics on this one.


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    It at least has the zft4 tower so that's a plus, but yes, the 2012 electronics were a mess. There's people on here with more knowledge of the issues than me that can help you. My thoughts are I probably wouldn't own a 2012, even if the issues are fixable there's still a general consensus that 2012 is the worst model year by far for MC. That automatically scares me and other potential buyers in the future.

    That is a great looking boat though.


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      I would keep looking until you found something with GEN 2 if you mainly surf.


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        I owned a 2012 X25, not once could we use it to board, the electronics and screen just didn't like each other, and MasterCraft totally turned their back to that year model. run away from it as fast as you can


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          This might be a good deal for you:

          Ugly tower, but low hours, and doesn't have the touch screen. Not 100% sure, but I think this one would not have the electrical gremlins?
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              OK I have some very personal experience with a 2012 X2 and some of what's being said is very true, some not at all.

              Let's start with the true.

              The screen is absolute crap. We're on our second year with the boat and are no closer to fixing a reboot black screen issue than we were 2 years ago. It works fine the first time every time but is spotty from then on.

              The Gen 1 tabs are useless. Worse whoever did the R&D for the stock profiles must never have surfed the boat. The profiles are worthless and the automation is worthless (that includes the auto launch system).

              MasterCraft Cruise sucked that year (probably others too but I'm just dealing with this boat) which is why so many of these boats are upgraded to Zero Off. Zero Off in this boat works great.

              The not true.

              The idea that these boats are horrible is completely false. These are still MasterCraft boats and the X2 was and still is one of the best models they built. Past the screen (and that was an option) they are not the problem child some people on here would like you to believe. The gauges are solid (unlike other models we all know about), the build quality is very good as are the interior soft goods (vinyl, carpet, etc.). The drive train is the same Ilmor used before and after this model year and while I'll pick at things I don't like about Ilmor it's a very solid and reliable package. The trailers are solid and use all UFP components and Vault system for bearings.

              In short the sum of the boat is not the optional screen. Most dealers deal with these electronics issues by simply removing the screen. All the basic features for this boat can be accessed through the display. While we've still got ours installed we rarely use it and if we ever get around to it we'll most likely pull it out, have my BIL CNC us a blank aluminum panel and install a stereo remote and/or some other components there.

              From a feature perspective, the boat has a 2 posted tower which while not as nice as the newer "lever Lock" systems, it folds easily and quickly. The Bimini is less than easy to put up but that can be said of many. The stock stereo in our boat sounds great but we did add a line driver to the tower amp to control the volume separately which I think is something that should have been standard.

              From a surf perspective running full ballast, a vDrive sack on the side you're surfing and a wake shaper produces an incredible surf wake for the effort on either side between 9.5 and 10.5 MPH. If you can't surf this boat with the above don't blame the bow, blame the Indian.

              As to this or other potential 2012 X2s..... There are things you need to be aware of and if any of these are important to you, you may or may not still be interested. That's going to be up to you. These are the considerations I would have.....

              Price - While I won't condemn this boat as others will (are), it isn't without it's issues and should be priced accordingly. $55K for that boat is $5K to $7K too much especially this time of year. We paid $52K 3 seasons ago for a near identical boat with 35 hours on it.

              Electronics - If you're looking for big screen and automation this is not the year for you. I've heard (from my dealer) that some of these actually worked quite well but the vast majority don't. Of those that haven't they ended up pulling out the screen and replacing the screen with a blank plate and stereo remote.

              Automation - Same as above. If you're looking for profiles, auto launch and other items like this again this isn't the boat for you.

              Integrated surf system - Gen 1 is useless and I've been told that while Gen 2 is much better the early versions of Gen 2 are not all that either. If you want a full on surf boat you'll need to move up a few more years to get state of the art.

              Electronics in general - While I certainly won't defend this "yet another junk system from Medallion" it's not like this is the only system that has had or is currently having issues. The old Big displays have had issues with buttons and I see people on here posting about various screen issues and firmware updates on much newer boats. Again and to be absolutely clear the screen in the 2012 is junk but if you don't think there may be issues coming on the rest of these systems as they age pinch yourself. Screen replacements (when you can find them) are running as much as $4K and the electronics that support them are equally as expensive. If you're in the used boat market and considering long term ownership on a used boat this is something you need to start thinking about.

              I recently purchased a 2016 Nautique and specifically choose one without their Link system for this reason. While I've heard good things about the system and like the interface I decided to go old school and keep it simple. I would have done the same with a MasterCraft if one had come along while I was looking as well.

              So for $55K I'd walk on this boat. That said, if I'd seen that base boat for $43K in Austin a month ago it would be in the driveway right now. Cut a deal on it for $40K - $41K, put $4K into it upgrading to Zero Off, a stereo and a new cover and you'll have a very low hour and reliable 2012 boat for $45K. That's a steal for that boat. Also note in the pictures that this boat doesn't have the screen everyone is talking about so you don't have to worry about that to start with.


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                A couple of corrections to bturner's comments:
                1. Boat has the zft4 tower, not the zft2, so it has the "good" tower and will fold quickly and easily. It also looks a lot better.
                2. Boat has already been upgraded to zero off, so you won't have that issue/expense.

                One thing not mentioned is you weren't able to adjust ballast fill times on 2012s. This boat has the plug'n'play option, so at least it has extra ballast (not sure if it's just rear or if there is extra front as well). That option consists of extra bags and a valve that switches the fill between the hard tanks and the bags. It wasn't a very popular option (most people were just used to adding their own bags and reprogramming fill times, not aware that you couldn't do that on a 2012). There were a lot of issues getting the plug'n'play valves to work correctly. I don't know if they got resolved or not. You don't hear much about them anymore, but I don't know if it's because they're fixed or just not many out there.

                The 2012 heaters suck. I don't know if they are any better in newer boats. The 2012 also had overheat at engine idle issues. I think those were resolved with a new thermostat change and moving the temperature sensor location, so check to see if it had those updates.

                I agree price is too high for that boat.

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                  Originally posted by BudmanV24 View Post
                  This might be a good deal for you:


                  Ugly tower, but low hours, and doesn't have the touch screen. Not 100% sure, but I think this one would not have the electrical gremlins?
                  This one has been for sale for over two years. If you are serious about it just PM me and I’ll look it over for you.


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                    I can’t comment on the x2 specifically but I own a 2012 x30 currently (without the touch screen, very important!)

                    I would support both the comments and overall perspective of bturner above.

                    I love our x30’s design, layout, size, surf wave, etc. The Ilmor 5.7 we have has never left me wanting more hp (assuming the right prop). The stereo is good enough for me, but zone control would be nice. I love the functionality of the zft4 tower (although I do have some minor gripes on manufacturing). Trailer has been generally good with ordinary maintenance. MC cruise has worked ok for me. Ive considered trying the Nautic Laugic system to make it gps based bc I can’t justify the cost of zero off.

                    There are a few parts that are below my expectations mostly cosmetic panels, but overall fit, finish, and quality are what you’d expect of MC.

                    Now ....

                    Ballast controls are finicky. Dealing with additional ballast will force you to add pumps or do your own new control system. These are not insurmountable issues, but issues nonetheless.

                    Gen1 tabs are not effective for surfing. I think this is a generally accepted fact. Adding ballast above stock only cements this fact. Be prepared to add a suction gate ...or replace the tabs themselves. Yes, it is possible to use the gen1 controls if you swap on new tabs, but just like ballast, the tab controls can be finicky and you’ll end up with a system that feels more like the nxt system than the gen2 system.

                    I genuinely believe that if I deleted the two Lenco control modules used for ballast and tabs and replaced these with more reliable systems I’d have a ‘bullet proof’ boat. And for the price of replacement Lenco modules I can tell you that if they ever die during my ownership I will be replacing them with either switch/relay based systems or a more reliable micro controller based system.

                    You should expect to see a significant price difference between ‘12 and subsequent years that are gen2 eligible. If you can capitalize on that savings and are willing to work around the issues I think you can end up with a very nice boat.

                    If you’re expecting push button performance without any investment (time or $$), walk away.

                    These are my thoughts based on my direct experience with a ‘12. Others had better/worse experiences so don’t assume every ‘12 is the same.

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                      I really appreciate all the feedback, from what I’m gathering the boat that I posted is overpriced and probably not worth the hassle with the touchscreen I guess the question that I have is has anybody converted a generation one boat to a generation two surf system? I would love to be able to afford a generation two boat I just don’t think I’ll be able to get there