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1991 PS190 - 7K - 2000hrs - Ohio

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  • 1991 PS190 - 7K - 2000hrs - Ohio

    The boat is headed south to it's new home. Thanks everyone.

    1991 PS190 - 351/Powerslot. I bought this boat from a MC dealer in 1993. It was used by another tournament skier on a private lake before I bought it and traded on a new boat. I used it almost exclusively (occasional family trip to Cumberland, Dale hollow, Norris, and Watts Bar) on my personal private ski lake. 2008 +/- hours of private lake use (not used a club boat - used as my personal family boat) pulling slalom, trick and jump skiers. The vast majority of those hours are idle hours as my lake is very short (1860ft), and we drop after each pass at both ends of the lake. It has perfect pass 6.4 with thru hull paddle wheel installed, a heater, depth finder, and oversized bimini top (tall enough you don't have to be a contortionist to get in and out of the drivers seat). It lived in an enclosed boat house all summer and heated barn in the winter. It was wiped down after every use and stored on a boat lift. In the fall of 2012 I ordered a 2013 PS190, so this boat has basically sat since then, only used a handful of times a year for family cruises at dusk, pulling the kids' friends on tubes, and teaching new skiers to ski. I had planned a resto-mod to restore the interior and repower with a newer Ilmor or something where I could install Zero-off. However I never found the right donor boat at the right price to make the swap. The boat title is clear in my name, the trailer has never been titled or registered - it sells on a bill of sale. With a bill of sale and a weight slip, it can be titled in Ohio. I have a spare prop and some other misc. spare parts / accessories that can go with the boat for the right deal.

    Mechanically: The boat runs very well. With a full tank of gas, it runs 43 on GPS. The boat has been well maintained and is very reliable. I would have absolutely no fear in loading this boat and heading to Cumberland for a week with my family with total confidence in its reliability. Having said that, it is 30 years old and has 2000 hours on it, so anything could happen. Obviously, I offer no warranty. I have not performed a compression test on the motor, but it burns no oil. It has brand new mufflers (the old silent master couldn't be patched anymore), a brand new steering cable, and a brand new OJ CNC prop. I changed the oil every 50-75 hours. Impeller changed yearly, Trans fluid every other year, plugs every other year. Trans was rebuilt at around 1000 hours by BCS boats in Columbus Ohio.

    Cosmetically: It is in fair condition for its age. The gel coat shines but there are battle scars from 30 years of almost daily use in the summer. A handle pop has caused damage to the cap, above the rub rail on the driver's side rear corner. Another handle pop caused a small divit in the red gel just below the rub rail on the transom. There are nicks and scratches typical for 30 years of use. The interior is mostly original and in fair condition for being 30 years old. The driver's seat bottom and passenger's seat bottom were recovered at some point 15 years ago, but the rest of the interior is original. The carpet is original and in poor condition, it needs replaced. The teak platform needs some love.

    Trailer: The trailer is mechanically sound. It needs some love to look nice, but it rolls down the road fine. I will have to check the date code on the tires, but I believe them to be around 8 years old with no more than 50 miles on them. The trailer sat outside for a few summers in the early 2000's, but has been stored inside since then. The fenders could use a buff, but are structurally sound. The bunk carpet needs replaced. The winch needs replaced, and the side marker lights need replaced. The spare tire isn't really anything more than a spare wheel, the tire is old and holds air, but I wouldn't rely on it as a true spare if I were going on a trip. The trailer was mainly used to go from the launch ramp to my barn, a distance of 200 feet.

    What needs fixed: The fuel guage doesn't not work. The sender is bad. I have a new one I think will work, but have not had a chance to put it in. The Auto bilge switch is bad. I have a new one, but have not had a chance to install it. Bilge pump runs fine on manual. The packing rope needs replaced. It has never been done - in 2000 hours of use, I have only ever had to tighten it, and I have tightened it as far as I can. It is still useable, but one needs to monitor the water level and turn on the bilge pump every hour or so when pulling skiers. There is some gel coat work that should be done to make it nice. The center honeycomb floor section in front of the motor box is soft and should be supported or replaced. The radio works intermittently. IT has a loose connection somewhere, I have not taken the time to locate the problem.

    Conclusion: I probably make the boat sound worse than it really is, however, I want to be totally upfront with a prospective buyer. Please have realistic expectations, this boat is 30 years old and was used daily for years pulling skiers through the course and over the jump. This boat can be used as it is, but would probably be considered a project for the OCD owner. I come to team talk first, to offer this boat for sale, before I go to ski-it-again, or marketplace, etc. as I hope to sell it to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. It has been a cherished member of the family, and I will shed a tear when it leaves. But I have kids heading to college, a business to run, and this is a project I likely won't get to for some time. I don't have time for tire kickers, and won't entertain offers until you come see it, drive it, and ski behind it. I am pretty well set on 7K as a fair price, and it isn't eating anything. It is setting on my boat lift at my private ski lake (Southwest Ohio) now and can be driven and skied behind tonight. Greg - [email protected]
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    Pics of private ski lake?
    Originally Posted by Hoosier Bob
    She always misses me and when I turn her on it is hard to turn her off! She is MC and she completes me! She is the first ride that wants it as much as I do!


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      Honest ad, honest price, honest boat. GLWS


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        Great write-up. I'm not currently in the market, but if I was, you sound like the kind of guy I'd appreciate doing business with. Best of luck.

        My guess... you'll sell it quickly.


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          I am not good with trying to get pics to post.

          Note: lake is not for sale, just the boat

          Originally posted by cbryan70 View Post
          Pics of private ski lake?


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            She’s a beaut. GLWS.

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              What a testament to good use and good maintenance. In the right hands that boat has another 2000 hours left to go. GLWS


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                I skied serveral collegiate tournaments at Lake Lottawatta in the '99-'00 time frame as a member of the University of Dayton water ski team.

                Just wanted to say thanks for hosting and allowing us to ski. So many great memories from that time and developed a life long love of skiing and Mastercraft boats.

                Cheers to you, GLWS!

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                  Interested, email sent


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                    The boat has sold to a fellow team talk member. Thanks everyone.