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2012 MC X25 Ballast Control Module

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  • 2012 MC X25 Ballast Control Module

    Hi guys, looking for a Ballast control module for my 2012 X25, any available? what would the part number will be? previous owner took the oldone out and conected the ballast directly, no redaing in the speedo or the screen for the ballast, ridiculous repair, I wnat to instal the module again and do the proper repair, thanks in advance!

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    Are you sure it was a repair, or did the previous owner upgrade the ballast bags or add bags? Was it done to get around the 2012 Medallion Software's inability to handle upgraded ballast? Also, the ballast tank level sensors are so inconsistent that they are close to worthless.
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      Thanks Man, Boat is OEM as well as ballast system, he was having issues with the ballast levels and empty the ballast, instead of fixing the issue and updated the software he removed the Lenco module, so now we dont have any mesurment at all, so i will need to replace the module, My reasearch shows the part number is 30503-001, so sent a message to Lenco hope they give me light on it, by any chance, do you have the software update for the BIG system, seams that is a preaty easy process once you have the USB drive with the software loaded. Thanks Man!


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        Also replacing the BIG Screen/Module from Medallion, expensive as... but needed it was all faded and delaminated.


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          If the lenco module failed and you are having issues with the BIG may be better off making a separate control system for your ballast pumps that doesn't involve the BIG or Lenco module and just using the GDIG for speed control to eliminate the BIG screen (this coming from someone who previously owned a 2012). You might not have a ballast graphic display, but you'd likely end up with a more robust system considering the graphic is just a visual representation of the timer and doesn't actually measure or monitor fill levels.

          The GDIG general functions and speed control seemed to work fairly well/consistently for me, but ballast and tab integration wasn't great (ballast timers would error out, had no room for adjustment, etc). A well made ballast control system separate from the GDIG's speed control might resolve your current and potential future problems and be much less expensive in the long run versus trying to replace with factory components (Lenco master module was over 1k last I saw and I'd expect the BIG is several times more than that).


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            Thanks guys, screen was replaced, works like a charm, I needed for the CC, and all the functions, my ballast are now direct controlled by the switches directly.

            Thabks to all for the help.