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2012 Day1 Wakesurfer Demo Deals

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  • 2012 Day1 Wakesurfer Demo Deals

    Hey all,

    It's that time of year for us at Day1 Wake to close out our demo boards. We have 5 remaining boards that we are closing out just above cost. If you are willing to pay the shipping, we are willing to give you a great deal.

    For more info, check us out at Day1, or give us a call at 206.280.6223.

    Latest Video Release: Day1 Wake 2012 rewind
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    Where r u guys located? I'm local in the Seattle area.
    2002, X30, L-18, Red Metal Flake (the possessed boat)


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      Hey Prostar,

      We are headquarterd in Kenmore, WA and all of our manufacturing is done in southern California. If you are local to Seattle, the MC dealership in Issaquah carries our boards. Additionally, Grizzly Sports in Monroe, WaveHounds in Seattle, and Doug's Boats in Woodinville (for Bow Lake Watersports) all carried boards last season. For more info, feel free to email, call, check out our website, or view some of our 2012 demo vids on the Day1Wake Vimeo channel.


      [email protected]


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        You might get more interest if you post what boards you have and how much. I'm interested in a new board, but not really interested in scavenger hunts. Just my 2 cents.


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          Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it.

          Here is what we have available:

          BIPOLAR (1) - MSRP $749 - This is a 5'2" symmetrical board suitable for any size and ability level. It is rock-solid in the water with good drive and speed down the line. That said, if you are looking for an aggressive board you can spin and pop of the lip of the wake, this is not your board.
          Demo Price: $549 + shipping

          XANI (2) - MSRP $699 - This is a 5'2" traditional surf-shape, swallow tail, in either a tri fin or 5-fin setup. As seen in a couple of our demo vids, this board truly accommodates all riding styles. It can cruise or slash. It's a great board to get people started on and for those that want to take big bottom turns, carve back in, and spin on the lip.
          Demo Price: $549 + Shipping

          SKITZO (2) - MSRP $649 - A 4'10" ripper. This is our favorite board in the line and is loved by those who want a light, buoyant, dynamic board with lots of life. In a thruster (tri fin), quad, or 5-fin setup, you've got lost of versatility and can change the way the board rides with a simple swap of the Future Fins.
          Demo Price: $499 + Shipping

          All boards can be seen in action on our Vimeo channel.

          For more info and direct answers to your questions, feel free to call!

          Thanks again for your interest,

          [email protected]