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Barefoot 200 Dash Panels For Sale

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  • Barefoot 200 Dash Panels For Sale

    I have panels I had made for the Barefoot 200 dash for myself and a friend. Turns out he no longer wants them at this point and will hold off.

    I am asking $450 CDN which is the costs of getting them made. With the switches as well. 5 Latching switches and 1 momentary (for horn). I used my existing circuit breakers which fit.

    I did not have the holes drilled when getting them laser cut. These dashes are a little weird and no holes are the same for mounting.

    Holes for Speedo are standard size for the Speedos and the Depth sounder gauge hole is a little big for a depth but I have a aluminum fitment plate that allows smaller ones to fit as well. Will be coming with it.

    The panels are laser cut, anodized and laser engraved. The switches are IP67 (waterproof) LED light up rings.

    Please PM
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    bump, this could also fit some prostar dashes as well
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      Hello, if these are still available I would like to purchase them. Please contact me as soon as you can at:
      [email protected]