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For Sale: Klipsch Speakers

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  • For Sale: Klipsch Speakers

    Pair of Klipsch Speakers off x24 - great shape - one season of use - asking $850.00

    Indianapolis, Ind. (June 20, 2017) – Klipsch Audio, a tech-driven audio company, today announced an exclusive relationship to bring premium, concert-level sound to MasterCraft Boat Company’s new sport boats. The first-ever Klipsch marine speakers and amplification solutions are exclusively offered on MasterCraft boats. Heralded in the music industry for its pioneering achievements and the power of its audio systems, new Klipsch Audio systems now create a heavy-hitting, customizable concert-style entertainment experience on a MasterCraft.

    “We’re dedicated to providing the best experiences on the water for our customers, and our partnership with Klipsch enables MasterCraft to create an exclusive, first-ever audio experience on the water that will truly blow people away,” said Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “We spend a lot of time focused on customizing boats to our owners’ needs – from the look and style of the boat to the wake behind it. Digitally-controlled custom, concert-level sound is an incredibly exciting new on-board entertainment option that we know people of all ages will enjoy.”
    Klipsch Audio brings over 70 years of expertise to the water to debut premium, custom engineered marine audio systems exclusively for MasterCraft. New Klipsch speakers are simply, louder. Working with Klipsch amplification systems, they use less power while adding more volume with minimal distortion - even at peak levels. Beyond its sheer power (up to 120 dB), the new sound system is tuned for a rich, accurate sound across a broad frequency range. It doesn’t exaggerate any part of the music. The new Klipsch speakers are marine-specific - from controlled directivity to being protected from the elements.
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    Hello are these still available


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      Yes they are


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        Are these the s80 or s85

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          Are these still available. Are they 80’s or 85’s


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            Not sure if they are still for sale. They are s80s the S85s have different cans but are still 8.5” speakers.
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              That’s what I am looking for if they are still available