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99 ProStar 205v Super Nice b4 idiot ran us over

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  • 99 ProStar 205v Super Nice b4 idiot ran us over

    Folks... trying to turn lemons into a jello shot or something better than what i've got.

    I have (what was) a super nice 99 205v with approx 450 hours on the motor. I was pulling tubers with my teenage girls and we got ran over by another surf boat who didn't see us picking up our downed tuber. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Anywho... i can settle with the insurance company and they will let me keep my boat for a salvage cost.

    I have no interest in parting this thing out but perhaps if you have skills on glasswork you can make this a win/win. The drive train and mechanics are super solid on this boat. I took great care of it and we only used it for my family of 5. Mostly tubing, surfing and drinks with the wife. Always lifted off the water and covered. oil changed seasonally. I have a matching MasterCraft trailer, clean title, etc. Brand new sunbrella cover.

    I am thinking $6,500 OBO

    What does it need?

    - new bimini
    - new windshield
    - glass work (see pics)
    - speedos kinda work

    Again... zero wrong with the drive train. Just a dumb *** not watching where he was going and ran over the front of our favorite boat. ;-(

    Prior to the accident I would rate the following part of this boat as:

    - hull and gel coat 8 out of 10 (we waxed it annually)
    - drive train (9 out of 10); no issues but it isn't new so you can't give it a 10 out of 10
    - interior (8 out of 10); small bird pecks in back panel but nothing tearing
    - sound system; nothing special but works fine
    - tower and bimini (10 out of 10)
    - teak deck (7 out of 10); needs some teak love but decent

    Ping me with questions. Located in Austin, Tx on Lake Austin.
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    Holy crap!

    Glad everyone was ok. That must have been a little scary.


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        Also sent a pm


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          Good job protecting the downed tuber…you saved him or her, not so fortunate on the lake I boat on (Gull Lake in Michigan) ONE of two swimmers didn't make it earlier this summer. Terrible things can happen, count your blessings.