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ZFT0 for 1998-2005 Maristars and X10/30s

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  • ZFT0 for 1998-2005 Maristars and X10/30s

    Late last season we found a the top of a tree in 20' of water and put a hole in the bottom of the boat. Dealer service and local fiberglass shop said the boat would have to be split to repair so the insurance totaled it out. I have the tower in my garage now with gray bimini/cover, swivel racks and original MC mounting plates available for sale. Located near Houston. Should fit the 1998-2005 210/230 Maristars and X-10/30 with no mods. $1800 including bimini and racks.

    This is a 2013-4 tower that has been professionally narrowed to fit earlier models. Here it is on my 1998 200VRS.
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    Can you post more pictures? Board Racks, Bimini in extended position and stored? Mounting feet up close?
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      I don’t need the tower, but do you have any other parts? Your PM is disabled.

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        Still available?