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1994 Maristar VRS 225 Trailer For Sale

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  • 1994 Maristar VRS 225 Trailer For Sale

    Free to anyone who will haul it away, my 1994 Maristar VRS225 Trailer. It will definitely need some repair, rust has taken its toll, but if you're a capable welder / fab person, the actual overall condition of the trailer is on-par with its age. I am second owner, suspect the original owner left it outdoors without boat on it, which contributed to corrosion. Wheels, tires, bearings all good. I had the prop protection area completely rebuilt last year, new steel welded section to replace the rusted out portion.

    If interested, send me a PM and we can work out specifics. New owner can pick up and drive it away without issue; trailer is in SE Wisconsin. I have been towing my Maristar with it until July when I upgraded to a newer trailer thanks to another TT forum member.
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    What’s length of trailer? I have 2000 maristar 230. Curious if it would fit.


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      I’ll have to measure. I can give you from bow stop to tip of the rear bunks if that works. If you want any other dimensions, let me know.

      It’s likely close between 230 and 225 models. Does your Maristar have stabilizer fins underneath? I know those won’t clear. My Maristar does not have them.

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        The length from the latch pin of the Boat Buddy II to the end of rear bunks is 20’ 4-1/2” and the length from the v-supports at the bow (front edge) to the end of rear bunks is 17’ 11-1/2”.


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          AJRrich - I'm assuming you bought a new (or newer) trailer to replace this one. Would you be willing to share what you decided to buy and approximately how much it cost? My 99 trailer is aging and I keep thinking about replacing it. Thx.