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  • Radar SENATE PRO

    I am selling my 2019 Senate Pro. It is a 69" model with a size 12 profile right foot boot mounted in the rear and a size 12 left footed Pulse boot up front. I bought the whole set up at the end of 2020 season and only used it twice last year. I have the box and the soft bag for it as well. Asking $1,150.00 plus freight

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    What speed did you ski this at? Will it shine at 33-34 in your opinion?

    a little out of my budget but will send a PM
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      I used it at 32.4- 34.mph, it is a super fast ski. I had knee surgery last year and just didn't use it. My plan is to sell this rocket and just use my older senate when I want to go for a ski run.


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        That is a great ski. My son skis on a 67 Senate Pro and I'm on the Vapor Pro. I have ran his ski a few times and it is very responsive.


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          93Prostar190, The Senate Pro does very well up to 34mph but it's also a great choice for folks skiing slower being a wider version of the vapor. Since going slower gives folks more time to get to the balls and setup a good pre-turn, I often recommend this ski to folks that want to slow down a little to have that extra time to focus on form. Form typically goes out the window when you're rushed.

          The other scenario where a senate is good, especially one as large as 69", is for bigger guys. At 34mph a 69" senate pro is a good choice for someone 210lb+ IMO. If you're skiing that fast and weigh less that that, I would get a vapor instead. If you watch ski-it-again for a while, you can typically find whichever ski fits your scenario best.

          It would also be useful to know what ski / bindings you're coming from? Keep in mind that if you're very use to a particular set of bindings, that adapting to new / different bindings is 2-3 times harder than adjusting to a new ski. Personally, I never change skis and binding at the same time.

          Slvr Bulit if you don't have the ski posted on ski-it-again, I'd highly recommend that. It's pretty much where the lion's share of traffic is for selling and buying used high-end slalom skis. GLWS
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            Thanks jpwhit Yes, it has been posted there.


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              still have ski. was at camp this week and took a picture of it.
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                I ski the exact same ski, in fact just bought new Reflex BOA bindings for it. Great Ski at 32-34. Sorry to hear you are getting rid of it, but someone needs to pick this up from you. Worth every penny!


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                  I had knee surgery 1.5 years ago and reinjured it again last summer, never even had a chance to ski on it but for a couple of quick runs. Hate to see a ski like this just sit there and not be used but if it doesnt sell I will hang on to it and hopefully be able to ski next year.


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                    Ski is SOLD